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Serve on the NACA® Central Stage Crew!

Want to gain valuable experience in a professional production setting? Stage Crew may be for you!

Working on the NACA® Central Showcase Stage Crew includes a variety of tasks typical of stage crew work: loading and unloading trucks, moving, lifting and placing equipment (and some lifting is HEAVY lifting); assembling and setting up band equipment, sound, lights and staging equipment; operating follow spot lights, house lights and stage curtains; moving and placing risers, screens and stage props, helping with the general organization of the stage and venue including some cleaning, cleaning, etc.

Apply by August 1 to be considered. You should reserve the time period October 3 through October 7 for your Stage Crew commitment. More details can be found on the application.

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NACA® Central Program Committee

Want to help make the NACA® Central Regional Conference a success? Get involved as a member of the Conference Program Committee and you can do just that!

Planning a NACA® Regional Conference is a large undertaking, with positions of need ranging from Advisor Networks Coordinator, Block Booking Coordinator and Conference Treasurer to Diversity Initiatives Coordinator, Graduate Intern Coordinator, Professional Development Programs Coordinator, Showcase Production Coordinator and much, much more!

Any positions for this region that are currently accepting applications will be listed in the volunteer application below.

For more information, contact NACA® Coordinator of Volunteer Leadership Services Laura Jeffcoat at


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