NACA® Central - Marketing Competition

​Show off your institution's best graphics and promotional items this year! The competition is open to all NACA® Central member schools who've designed posters, flyers, buttons, clothing or other promotional materials. All submissions will be showcased during the conference. This competition shares ideas and techniques used to create outstanding promotional materials from a variety of campuses and programs. Competition winners will be recognized during the conference.

Rules & Guidelines

1. Any NACA® Central Region School may participate.

2. Entries must be submitted in one of three divisions:

  • Small School (5,000 FTE and below)
  • Medium School (5,001-12,000 FTE)
  • Large School (more than 12,000 FTE)

4. Student entries are those materials designed by students using original or professional artwork as elements within the overall design. STUDENTS MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ENTIRE LAYOUT. Graduate students are also eligible to compete. Any submission not fully student designed (as designated by the category description) will be disqualified.

5. Each division has eight categories:

  • Multicolor poster / flyer
  • One-color poster / flyer
  • Student-designed apparel
  • Social media campaign
  • Non-poster publicity
  • Publicity campaign (event specific)
  • Website
  • Digital media/video

6. Agency-provided materials imprinted by schools are not eligible. Posters ordered from a promotional company template with your event information inserted are not eligible. Entries must have originated at your school.

7. Schools entering must submit their completed Form A by Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019.

8. Each school must bring their materials to the 2019 NACA® Central Regional Conference and submit them at the Conference Registration Center by 5 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019 (the first day of the conference). An entry tag listing school name, designer name, division, category and a brief description must be attached to each item.  

9. All entries can be picked up immediately after the closing banquet on Saturday, Oct. 5. Submissions that are not retrieved will become the property of the NACA® Central Region and will not be returned.

Winners will be recognized by the university and the individual or team who designed the work.

 10. Each school may only submit one item per category. For each category you submit (Form A), you must also complete a form below for your specific category, as well as submit a digital version of each entry. You do not have to submit an entry in every category.  Submissions will be accepted in the following categories:


Submit up to two flyers per institution. One submission may be used for more than one category.

  • Best Multi-Color Poster/Flyer: Submissions must be designed and crafted by staff member of the institution. Submissions will be judged on creativity, use of color and overall design quality.
  • Best One-Color Poster/Flyer: Submission must be designed and crafted by a staff member of the institution. Submissions will be judged on creativity, use of color and overall design quality. 

One submission per institution for each category for the following:

  • Outstanding Student-Designed Apparel: Submissions should be appealing to students and can include but not be limited to hats, Polos and T-shirts.
  • Outstanding Social Media Campaign: Submissions should include campaigns executed via social media for an event or individual posts highlighting the student organization or a specific event. Memes are acceptable as long as they are used to market an event or the organization.
  • Outstanding Non-Poster Publicity: Submissions may include any printed marketing tactics that are not posters, but which are used to advertise the organization as a whole or a specific event.
  • Best Publicity Campaign: Submissions should include all the aspects of a marketing campaign (social media, print, etc.) for a specific event only.
  • Outstanding Website: Entries should showcase a user-friendly, visually appealing and informative site where visitors can learn more about the hosting organization.
  • Best Digital Media/Video:Submissions should be at least 10 seconds long and creatively endorse an organization or a specific event.


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