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Student Affairs practitioners are often more attuned to the development of their students than to their own professional development. As such, it can be easy to forget the skills gained during their undergraduate co-curricular experiences that can appeal to employers. They may also not fully appreciate how their experiences as a professional can translate to a variety of contexts. Dr. Adam Peck, editor of the recent book, “Engagement and Employability: Integrating Career Learning Through Co-Curricular Experiences in Postsecondary Education” will discuss how SA Pros can demonstrate their value to potential employers through a thorough understanding of their own skill development. Following, Kayla Brennan and Dionne Ellison will talk about the tools NACA can offer to help you succeed.


Dr. Adam Peck, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs, Stephen F. Austin State University
Kayla Brennan, Education and Development Coordinator, NACA Office
Dionne Ellison, School Services Manager, NACA Office