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Scheduled: Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Network Like a Champ
Category: Webinars

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    In today’s world, likability is everything. First impressions happen quickly, and the more likable you are, the better impression you’ll leave. Don’t freak out – I’ve got you. I’m going to help shape you into an extremely likable creature. During this webinar I’ll go over my networking model – focusing both on how to meet people and also how to win them over once you do. I’ll also take some time to give you tips on how to maximize the regional conferences and ever-exciting TPE experiences. Networking tends to have a scary connotation, and my goal is to help you see it as a fun and rewarding experience. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll teach you how to fake it until you make it! :) This is going to be an entertaining and interactive webinar, so bring your questions/enthusiasm and let’s learn to network like champs!

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