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Deadline: Thursday, September 12, 2019

NACA Central Regional Conference Early Registration Deadline
Category: Regional Conferences

  • Members: Schools, National Associates, Regional Associates, Non-Profit Affiliates, Non-Members
    Regions: Central
    Target Audience: Faculty, Graduate Student, Professional Staff, Undergraduate Student
    Take advantage of early-bird rates and register for the NACA Central Regional Conference today!

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    Scheduled: Wednesday, September 25, 2019

    A Five-Step Framework for Achieving Student Engagement
    Category: Webinars

  • Members: All
    Regions: All
    Target Audience: All
    Every campus activities office aims to engage students. It seems simple. But what exactly is engagement? How is it achieved? This webinar examines the concept of engagement, and it proposes a research-informed framework for approaching student engagement. Through a structured, five-step process of Awareness, Interest, Attendance, Participation, and Leadership, this framework helps participants learn to tailor engagement strategies to their specific audiences, to increase attendance at programs, and to build stronger organizational leaders. From marketing to member recruitment and beyond, this framework is applicable to all campus activities offices and student organizations wishing to increase their impact on campus.

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