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Leadership development has been a part of higher education since the days of the colonial college where the aim of institutions was to educate a select few. In recent years, leadership education has become an important aspect of engaging college students and yet, diverse voices and perspectives have been left out in shaping the field we have today.

Over the past 30+ years, leadership educators have discovered:
1. There is no universal definition of leadership, but instead, many shared ideologies;
2. Leadership is a relational process that goes beyond positional titles and responsibility;
3. Diverse perspectives, voices and people have not been included; and
4. Leadership matters.

As the world navigates through a pandemic and higher education professionals strive to find new ways of delivering relevant material, engaging students in the area of leadership and competency development are unknown and disruptive. Collectively we need a strategy that meets the needs of a changing student population which includes incorporating digital resources which help all students feel included and connected.

Join the discussion with our three scholars, Drs. Matthew Johnson, Amer Ahmed, and Nyasha Guramatunhu Cooper when we dive into a dialogue of what we’ve discovered, whose voices have been excluded from the conversation and how we leverage the current climate in developing a pedagogy that is culturally and experientially relevant for our students. This webinar is presented in partnership with NCLP, the National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs.

Learning Objectives:
Through panel discussions and dialogue, attendees will:
1. Gain an understanding of the limitations of current leadership theory and educational practices that are rooted in dominant narratives.
2. Analyze the voices and buckets of knowledge that are missing from leadership research, theory, and literature.
3. Identify opportunities to reconstruct pedagogy that is culturally inclusive.

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Dr. Matthew Johnson
Dr. Amer Ahmed
Dr. Nyasha GuramatunhuCooper

This webinar is presented in partnership with NCLP, the National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs.