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Webinars: Virtual Game Show Fest hosted by NACA Mid Atlantic

Closed: Saturday, May 1, 2021 Closed


NACA Mid Atlantic invites all NACA school members to attend Game Show Fest on Saturday, May 1 from 2-5pm ET! Come and experience firsthand virtual game shows and learn how to host the events in a hybrid model. The winner of each game show will win a gift certificate! Registration is complimentary for all school members.


Andee Fisher, NACA Mid Atlantic Conference & Event Chair
Ryan Green, NACA Mid Atlantic Education & Inclusion Team Lead

Choose Your Own Game Show - Neon Entertainment
Boom Boom Bingo - Degy Booking International
College Trivia Nerds - Rebelle Events
C'Mon Down Game Show - FUN Enterprises

Professional Competencies

  • Event Support
  • Networking & Business Relationships
  • Technology