Summer Leadership Event

June 10-13, 2018

Walt Disney World® Resort (FL)

Audience: Students and Advisors

The NACA® Summer Leadership Event is a leadership development program for student leaders and professional staff.

The Student Track will focus on:

  • Leadership Development.
  • Inclusive Team Environments.
  • Peer-to-Peer Training and Supervision.
  • Customer Service and other Employability Skills.

The Advisor Track will focus on:

  • Incorporating Disney techniques into student leader training program.
  • Encouraging student leaders to create inclusive team environments.
  • Coaching students for their roles as peer supervisors.
  • Helping students connect their student leadership experiences with employability skills.

All participants will engage in group and individual breakout sessions, as well as experiential activities in Disney Theme Parks.

The Summer Leadership Event utilizes Disney Youth Education Series (YES) Programs that are relatively consistent from year to year. We welcome students and advisors to attend each year with the understanding that the curriculum does not change considerably. Each experience has the opportunity to be very meaningful because of the Magic that occurs at Walt Disney World.

*You must be 18 years old or older to participate

For more information about the Summer Leadership Event, contact: 

Toire Vince
(803) 732-6222 ext. 101


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