NACA Syracuse

The NACA Syracuse Marketing Competition is meant to showcase ideas and techniques used to create outstanding promotional materials to other conference attendees. 


Deadline to complete the Form is Friday, Oct. 20 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

In order to participate in the competition, participants must complete the entry form in advance.

Participants will also be asked to create some sort of display board of your submissions in this form. This can either be a tri-fold/visual board or bringing your marketing materials along with some print outs (if you are traveling by plane); these should be brought to the October conference during registration check in.  It will be displayed for other conference attendees to view, learn from and vote! 

In the entry form, please label each photo before uploading them to the form as follows: (School_Nameofitem_Category) (I.g.: Alvernia_CABTote_Promo). If submitting more than one document, please download all documents under one attachment. 

  • Best Promotional Item/Giveaway 
    • This includes apparel items (i.g. tshirts, hats, sweatshirts, hats) and giveaway items (i.g. Pens, cups, water bottles, keychains, etc). Participants can submit up to two entries for this category (one entry for apparel and the other for a giveaway item). 
  • Best Video/Animation
    • This is for a video, tik tok, instagram reel, series, short film, etc created by students to promote an event or student activity (recruitment, behind the scenes, etc). Please try to limit video length to 3 minutes. If longer, please contact either Felicia Nelson or Amanda Clem. 
  • Best Event Poster
    • This is a poster designed by a student for an event. Poster may be color or black & white. 
  • Best No-So Poster
    • Submit a picture of a promotional material, not including an event poster, designed by a student for a specific event to promote it. This includes a calendar, brochure, punch card, invitation,banner, etc. 
  • Best Marketing Campaign
    • For this category, participants will be asked to submit all strategies used to promote your event(s) and/or board as a whole including all logos, slogans, social media branding, pictures of this campaign in real time, and organization specific promotional items. In this document, please explain how you implemented your brand/mission on campus this past year, successes, and challenges. Logos and slogans do not need to be created during the current school year. 
  • Best Cultural Event Marketing
    • Submit any marketing materials used to promote an identity-specific initiative or event.

If you have any questions after submission, please reach out to either Felicia Nelson (NACA Mid Atlantic Communication Lead) or Amanda Clem (NACA Mid Atlantic Recognition and Awards Coordinator).