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NACA Volunteers

Spirit. Dedication. Commitment. Volunteering as a leader within NACA is both challenging and rewarding. Our volunteers collectively spend thousands of hours making the NACA experience exceptional.

Few associations can boast the sheer volunteer numbers we have, but we still need you. Many if not all of the NACA programs you enjoy daily were developed and led by volunteers who have a passion for their region, this field and this Association.

Volunteers continue to support our Association and make NACA the recognized leader in higher education in promoting student learning through engagement in campus life through our volunteer-driven programs including our fall and spring Conferences, annual National Convention and summer Institutes. Don’t forget about task forces, special projects and/or the board of directors.

Volunteers Speak

NACA Volunteers
“NACA is more than just an opportunity to give back to our profession, NACA gives you the opportunity to develop and grow your own skills. Personally speaking, NACA has helped me round out my skill set by allowing me to oversee large-scale events, chair committees and supervise others.”
– Jason Meier, Harvard University 

“I volunteer with NACA to give back to the organization that has given me so much over the years. I’ve further developed skills and abilities, learned new programming techniques and formed lifelong friendships that have helped me in my job and in my volunteer roles. NACA is a tight-knit group of volunteers that cares about producing quality programs and about working with each other.”
- Erin Morrell, Albertus Magnus College

“As a seasoned professional, volunteering is as important now, as it was I first entered the field. Volunteering both regionally and nationally has allowed me the opportunity to network with some of the best and brightest colleagues. Through these connections, I learn of campus activities trends and best practices at other institutions in real time. It gives me exposure to cutting edge social and leadership programs. The volunteer experience also allows me to work together with a group multigenerational and diverse peers, and those interactions have me grow both professionally and personally as a mother.”
– Peggy Hnatusko, Notre Dame

Benefits of Volunteering with NACA

NACA Volunteers
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Networking
  • Connecting with other student affairs professional across the nation
  • Leadership skills/résumé building
  • Lifelong friendships

Ready to Jump In?

Short term, annual and multi-year volunteer commitments are available. Questions? It all starts with a conversation. Contact Member Relations for more information.

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