Volunteer with NACA - Volunter Position Detail

Undergraduate Student Positions: Scholarship Selection Committee - Student Member

Closed: Friday, April 29, 2022 Closed


Assists with the NACA Foundation scholarship application review and selection process.

Specific Responsibilities

- Reviews and scores applicants through use of rubric.
- Additional responsibilities as assigned and agreed upon with volunteer supervisor and/or NACA office staff liaison.  

Qualifications / Expectations

- Must be an undergraduate student or a graduate student at a NACA member institution.
- Knowledge and understanding of the NACA Foundation and its scholarships is required.    
- You must be available during the summer break and other school holidays.   
- Supports NACA programs through attendance whenever possible.
- Must have approval from and support of their institution (note: support is defined as financial as well as time out of the office, etc.).
- If the volunteer changes schools during the position’s term, the new school must also be a NACA member and provide a statement of support. The NACA Volunteer Development Manager must be informed of this change within two weeks and the new letter of support must be received at the NACA Office within 30 days of selection. If not a member school, the school must join as a member within 30 days of transition.

Association Support

NACA Connect
NACA Google Drives

Term of Service

Two Years, May 1 – April 30

NACA Office Liaison

Meeting and Events Coordinator

Professional Competencies

  • Fiscal Management
  • Policy Knowledge, Development & Management
  • Professional Development