Volunteer with NACA - Regional Position Detail


The four Graduate Interns will individually provide support for the following areas: Educational Programs, Campus Activities Marketplace, Volunteer Center and Block Booking.

***To apply click on your regional application at the top of the regional volunteer positions page***

Specific Responsibilities

Attend RCPC Pre-conference meeting
Attend Professional Development Luncheon
Co-present an educational session with selected mentor
Communicate at least monthly with mentor
Duties assigned to their specific area of support


The Graduate Intern must be a current graduate student. NACA institutional membership is preferred, but not required.
Institutional support for the volunteer is required prior to appointment to the position (note: support is defined as financial, as well as time out of the office, etc.)
Attendance is required for the duration of the Regional Conference.

Association Support

Interns will receive a complimentary conference registration and ticket to the Professional Development Luncheon.

Term of Service

Fall Conferences – Oct 1st - November 30th

Supervision Received

Graduate Intern Coordinator

Supervision Exercised


NACA Office Liaison

Education and Research Coordinator