Volunteer with NACA - National Position Detail

National Volunteer Positions: Institute Coordinator

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To coordinate summer institutes ensuring that logistics, curriculum and delivery meet the standards of NACA.

Specific Responsibilities

• Attend summer institute
• Recruit talented, capable, and diverse volunteers to facilitate summer institute
• Work with the NACA office, Institute Series Coordinator and/or Series Coordinator-Elect to interview and select all Institute Staff
• Monitor budget and ensure proper fiscal responsibility
• Curricula should align with NACA goals and guidelines
• Coordinate phone conference calls with Institute Team (Office staff included upon request)
• Participant in conference calls with Institute Series Coordinator as necessary (Office staff included upon request)
• Ensure all necessary information is collected for Delegate Packet
• Work with the Office Staff to ensure all logistics including special events, meals and rooms are properly organized for institute delegates
• *Institute staff members are expected to participate in educational sessions and meetings concerning the summer institutes if attending a regional conference and/or NACA Live.
• Assign institute staff educational session responsibilities
• Integrate NACA goals, initiatives, and relevant strategic plan objectives in all aspects of position responsibilities.
• Follow NACA Non-Discrimination, Diversity Advancement and Affirmative Action Principles to recommend others to fill available positions in the NACA leadership and takes the necessary steps to achieve a diverse Association both through the recruitment of volunteers and suggesting to the Board of Directors new or modified programs and services for the Association’s members.
• Adhere to the minimum guidelines for institutes.


• The institute coordinator must be a full-time professional staff member at a member institution.
• The institute coordinator must have served the previous year as the coordinator-elect and at least once as an institute staff member for any one of the NACA institutes.
• The institute coordinator must have approval from and support of their institution prior to applying for the position. (Note: support is defined as financial as well as time out of the office, etc.)

Association Support

• Institute Coordinator receives a registration waiver for the Institute, lodging on campus and meals/per diem for the times in which they are required to attend the event in addition to travel to the event.

Term of Service

• September 1 to August 31.

*A volunteer may serve on an institute staff position for no more than 2 consecutive years. A volunteer can serve no more than 4 consecutive years on the same institute.

NACA Office Liaison

School Services Manager