Volunteer with NACA - National Position Detail

National Volunteer Positions: National Leadership Symposium Co-Chair

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The Co-Chair representing NACA will work with the Co-Chair from the NCLP to coordinate the annual National Leadership Symposium. The Planning Committee is made up of five members. The two co-chairs will represent the field of leadership studies/development, each appointed by one of the following organizations: NCLP and NACA. The co-chairs will coordinate the General Committee Responsibilities in partnership with one administrator from the NACA office, NCLP office, and one member representing the host site.

Specific Responsibilities

● Co-Chairs will:
○ Organize weekly conference call agendas and meetings to discuss the planning process.
○ Identify the Symposium theme.
○ Develop program and learning outcomes.
○ Participate in the selection of scholars who represent the theme.
○ Design and facilitate a three-day experience to actualize that theme (including but not limited to: ice breakers/community building, small/large group work, community meetings, scholar speakers, end of program acknowledgments and symposium proceedings).
○ Create a participant reading packet (if needed) for distribution prior to the Symposium, and create an on-site Symposium information packet.
○ Serve as on-site emcees during the NLS.
○ Facilitate an environment conducive to learning from diverse perspectives.
○ Write a post-symposium report to support the on-going development of the program.
○ Present/facilitate sessions (presentations, activities, discussions, etc.) during the NLS.


Required Qualifications:
• Have college student leadership education background and a grounding in leadership theories, models, standards and scholarship.
• Have Master’s Degree in leadership studies, leadership education, student development or some related field
• Have attended the NLS (either prior to selection or invited to shadow the outgoing chair at the upcoming NLS).
• Have approval and support from institutional support from direct supervisor to accept the co-chair role. (Support includes financial, as well as time out of the office, etc.)
• Be a full-time professional staff member at an NACA member institution.
o Note: If the volunteer changes jobs during the position’s term, the new school must also be an NACA member and provide a statement of support from direct supervisor. The NACA Office, and National Volunteer Development Coordinator must be informed of this change and the letter of support must be received at the NACA Office within 30 days of hiring.

Suggested Qualifications:
● Attend the NLS immediately prior to transitioning into the role of co-chair.
● Have a terminal degree in leadership studies, leadership education, student development or some related field.
● Have background in program planning.

Association Support

NACA will cover registration fees, travel, lodging, and all meals while attending the NLS.

Term of Service

• Two years starting March 15th.
• Will serve in shadowing capacity immediately after selection until August 1st, at which time the term as co-chair will officially begin.

NACA Office Liaison

Director of Education and Research