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National Volunteer Positions: Editor in Chief - Journal of Campus Activities Practice and Scholarship (JCAPS)

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Editor in Chief - Journal of Campus Activities Practice and Scholarship (JCAPS)
The purpose of the Journal of Campus Activities Practice and Scholarship (JCAPS) is to provide a forum for current discourse on issues pertinent to campus activities. JCAPS fills a void found in existing peer-reviewed outlet by providing space for current empirical research, along with other forms of scholarship, related to campus activities. The primary focus of JCAPS is on practice in campus activities, and to that end, each submission will be scrutinized for authors clearly addressing implications for practice, along with directions for further research.
As a national peer-reviewed journal, JCAPS represents a space with an intent to not only advance scholarship in campus activities, but to develop scholars and scholar-practitioners in campus activities. Student activities practice is specifically defined as work related to student organizations and the training, development and learning of the members and leaders, as well as student organization advising; programming (and issues related to programming such as risk, budgets, inclusion), programming boards, and the effects of programming on students and campuses; and issues of diversity, inclusion, and social justice across student activities practice. In order to advance scholarship along these themes of student activities practice, JCAPS would seek submissions of the following types: research articles, including examples of application of theory to practice; assessment projects rooted in practice; graduate student research/research in brief; research book reviews; and, reviews of different methodologies. To facilitate the evaluation of submissions, the aforementioned manuscript types would be divided among Section Editors, with each being responsible for the initial evaluation, assignment of reviewers, and ultimately determining publication decisions in consultation with the Editor in Chief.

Specific Responsibilities

● Establish a publication and production schedule for JCAPS;
● Establish review criteria process for manuscripts submitted for consideration in JCAPS;
● Establish developmental process for providing feedback and support to authors;
● Develop criteria and expectations for review board;
● Recruit, select, and train members of JCAPS review board;
● Provide a clear vision for the direction of the journal, in consultation in the JCAPS Advisory Board and NACA Office staff;
● Manage the peer review process of manuscripts through an online system;
● Promoting the journal as an outlet for dissemination of research and scholarship on student affairs.
● Work with JCAPS Advisory Board and NACA Office to screen and select Section Editors.
● Work with JCAPS Advisory Board, NACA Office, and Section Editors to screen and select Review Board members .


The Editor in Chief position is a substantial professional service commitment requiring the experience and judgment of an experienced scholar. The ideal candidate will have:

● an established record of scholarship in the field of higher education and student affairs;
● understanding of and commitment to the theory and practice tradition in student affairs, with particular emphasis on current issues germane to practice and scholarship in campus activities;
● methodological and scholarly expertise to assure the publication of high-quality manuscripts;
● managerial skills to oversee the editorial cycle and meet deadlines;
● and the ability to attract respected experts to the editorial board.
Applicants should have recognized expertise in the field, possess editorial experience, and be able to lead an active editorial board in working effectively with publishing professionals. It is expected that the Editor in Chief be employed by an institution that is a NACA member.
● members of the Advisory Board must be full-time professional staff or faculty members at NACA member institutions.
● members must have approval and support from their institutions prior to appointment.  (Note:  Support is defined as financial support, support for time out of the office, etc.)
● If a member changes jobs during the position and wishes to continue in the position, the new institution must also be an NACA member school and the new supervisor must provide a statement of support.  The NACA Office and National Volunteer Development Coordinator must be informed of this change, and the letter of support must be received at the NACA Office within 30 days of hiring.

Association Support

It is important for candidates to consider and address the feasibility of serving as Editor in Chief in light of the resources likely to be available to the applicant. NACA provides a modest operating budget beyond the publishing resources, including funding for release time and a graduate assistant. Some support is also required of the Editor in Chief institution, including office space. Since the support offered by institutions varies widely, you are encouraged to contact the National Office of your institution as necessary in order to ensure the feasibility of your application.

Term of Service

·         Three year term
·         May 1st – April 30th

NACA Office Liaison

. Education and Development Coordinator