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National Volunteer Positions: NACA® Board of Directors General Member

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The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Association and all authority within the Association is delegated by it. Members of the Board are responsible for the overall strategic direction, effectiveness and financial stability of the Association.

Specific Responsibilities

● Maintains an awareness of the needs and interests of the membership and represents their views during the Board’s discussions of the Association’s strategic direction.
● Establishes and reviews goals for the Association through the Strategic Plan process.
● Provides sufficient documentation to update the Board on events or matters within specific areas of responsibility as charged by the Chair.
● Ensures the financial health and viability of the association, including approving the annual budget, reviewing monthly reports, investments, and financial statements.
● Supports the Association’s membership recruitment and retention efforts through activities determined by the Chair.
● Champions NACA’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through the recruitment of volunteers and the development of programs and services for the Association’s members;
● Elects chair-elect to the Board of Directors.
● Evaluates the Executive Director annually.
● Reviews various written updates from the Board and Office to stay current with decisions regarding day-to-day governance issues; proactively calls the Chair or the Executive Director to discuss if questions arise; serves as a resource for other volunteers regarding decisions of the Board.
● Attends all Board meetings.
● Represents the Board of Directors as appropriate to the membership and other organizations.
● May serve as a member of or chair a Board standing committee or workgroup.
● May attend regional or national team leadership meetings and conduct training as assigned by the Chair.
● Is available to travel as requested by the Chair of the Board.
● Undertakes any additional duties set forth in the Association Bylaws, or by the Chair of the Board.



● Consistent with the Association Bylaws, no person will be eligible for election or appointment to the Board of Directors if another representative from that individual’s institution is already on the board when the term in question begins. In the event two individuals from one institution apply simultaneously, the board application review committee will determine which candidate is put forward for consideration.
● No board member may hold a board of directors or equivalent position in another peer or higher education association.
● No board member may be active on an associate member’s roster or payroll at time of service.
● A letter demonstrating institutional support from the applicant’s supervisor (support is defined as financial and time away from the office environment).
● Full-time employment by a NACA member institution.
● A minimum of 5 years of professional, full-time experience in higher education.
● A minimum of 5 years of volunteer service in higher education, 3 of which must be with NACA.
● Attendance at three or more live or virtual NACA events (regional conferences, national convention, series or institutes).

Association Support

NACA Office will provide more information regarding association support.

Term of Service

Three years. Board members may run for a maximum of two terms on the Board. These terms do not have to be consecutive, but candidates who wish to return for a second term must follow the same application procedures as all general board applicants.

Supervision Received


Supervision Exercised


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