Volunteer with NACA - National Position Detail

National Volunteer Positions: Assistant National Volunteer Development Coordinator for Recognition

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The individuals who work with the National Volunteer Development Coordinator make up the team that moves NACA forward in forming sound volunteer management practices.

Specific Responsibilities

Actively assists in the recruitment of volunteers for all roles within the Association.
Encourages the recruitment and selection of volunteers from among new members and underrepresented ethnicities.
Ensures that recruitment and selection processes are fair and consistent for all Association volunteer roles.
Volunteers selected for this role will oversee one or more of the following areas of responsibility in coordination with the National Volunteer Development Coordinator: Training, Recognition, Evaluation & Feedback, Recruitment & Selection, and Marketing.
Work with the NACA Office and NVDC to develop and maintain a recognition plan for volunteers on regional and national levels.
Coordinate association-wide recognition initiatives such as Year of Service Pins, and supervisor letter of acknowledgement with the NACA Office.
Develop and maintain recognition guidelines for RVDC’s.
Ensure that award recipients are recognized at appropriate events and through available and appropriate media (Campus Activities Programming™ magazine, NACA website, etc.).
Ensure that supervisors and home campuses are notified of volunteer work and NACA awards.


Must be a full-time staff member at a current member institution; NACA membership must remain current throughout term of office.
Experience on the NACA Board of Directors preferred.
Must have approval from and support of their institution prior to the applying for the position (note: support is defined as financial as well as time of the office, etc.).

Association Support


Term of Service

Two years
May 1st – April 30th

NACA Office Liaison

Coordinator of Volunteer Leadership Services