Volunteer with NACA - National Position Detail

National Volunteer Positions: Institute Staff - Programming Board Institute

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To present summer institute curriculum and work with team selected to ensure success of summer institute.

Specific Responsibilities

Attend Summer Institute
Participate in up to 15 phone conference calls with Institute staff (Office staff included upon request)
Present 3-4 sessions chosen from the curriculum as set by NACA Board of Directors
Ensure that all necessary information for sessions is sent to the Institute Coordinator well in advance for printing and at least one month before institute
Work with the Institute Coordinator to ensure all logistics including special events, meals and rooms are properly organized for institute delegates.
*Institute staff members are expected to participate in educational sessions and meetings concerning the summer institutes if attending a regional conference and/or NACA® Live.
Integrate NACA goals, initiatives, and relevant strategic plan objectives in all aspects of position responsibilities
Follow NACA Non-Discrimination, Diversity Advancement and Affirmative Actions Principles to recommend others to fill available positions in the NACA leadership and takes the necessary steps to achieve a divers Association both through the recruitment of volunteers and suggesting to the Board of Directors new or modified programs and services for the Association’s members
Adhere to the minimum guidelines for institutes


The institute staff member must be a full-time professional staff or graduate student at a NACA member institution.
The institute staff member must have approval from and support of his/her institution. (Note: support is defined as financial as well as time out of the office, etc.)

Association Support

Receives registration waiver, lodging, travel, meals and per diem for the time requested to attend the event

Term of Service

One year, beginning on November 1st and ending on August 31.

A volunteer may serve on an institute staff position for no more than 2 consecutive years. A volunteer can serve no more than 4 consecutive years on the same institute.

NACA Office Liaison

School Services Manager