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National Volunteer Positions: National Convention Stage & Video Crew

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The Stage & Video Crew plays an active role in supporting the load-in, load-out, sound checks and performance components for all the acts that will appear on the showcase stage at the NACA® National Convention.

Specific Responsibilities

Working on the NACA® National Convention Showcase Stage Crew includes a variety of tasks typical of stage crew work: loading and unloading trucks, moving, lifting and placing equipment; assembling and setting up band equipment, sound, lights and staging equipment; operating follow spot lights, house lights and stage curtains; operating video eqipment throughout the various showcases; moving and placing risers, screens and stage props, helping with the general organization of the stage and venue including some cleaning, etc.


Our selection process relies heavily on written material that you submit and your answers to the questions asked. Please be thorough but brief. Occasionally, we will contact your references.

In our decision, we try to bring diverse representation to the Stage Crew based upon: NACA region; school size; public or private school; four-year or two-year school and levels of experience. Some minimal previous experience is required but we do not select those only with extensive experience. We try to select people who will learn the most from the NACA® National Convention Showcase Stage Crew experience, and who will use this learning to benefit their school and region. For diversity reasons, two individuals selected from the same school is unusual, more than two is rare.

We will be selecting approximately 10 members for the Stage/Video Crew/Spot Light Crew. Those not selected will be placed on a waiting list should any cancellations occur. For this reason, it is extremely important to notify the Showcase Coordinator promptly of your acceptance of a Stage Crew position when offered, and of your cancellation should something come up that prohibits your participation.

Association Support


1. Lodging: NACA® National Convention Showcase Staff will be housed in double or triple or quad rooms in the Convention hotel.

2. Meals: An onsite meal may be provided depending on the work day’s time constraints. Your meal per diem can be used to cover those meals that are not provided.

3. Meals Per Diem: NACA provides a per diem check (cashable at the hotel) for Showcase Staff to cover the cost of some meals from the time of load in through the time of load out. Depending on your eating habits, it may or may not be enough to cover your actual costs. The hotel restaurants and room service are EXPENSIVE! You may want to consider a cooler for snacks, food and your favorite beverages. There may be occasions where you will be unable to leave the showcase venue for meals. In that case, we will send a "runner" out with our order and we will eat during a break at the showcase venue.

4. Convention Passes: NACA will provide a Convention name tag and Convention Program so that you may attend other parts of the Convention when you are not scheduled for work.


1. Travel: If selected, you will need to find a way to cover your costs of getting to and from the hotel from your college residence. Please remember to include transportation to and from the airport in your budget costs. There is a parking fee at the Convention hotel. If selected, and should you choose to drive, we will provide a list of other showcase staff members you may want to arrange to car pool with to share expenses for travel and parking.

2. Meals During Travel: You will need to cover your meal costs until the first staff call and after the last staff call.

3. Wages: All Showcase Staff are volunteer, non-paid positions.

Term of Service

Duration of National Convention

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