Volunteer with NACA - National Position Detail

National Volunteer Positions: National Volunteer Development Coordinator

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The National Volunteer Development Coordinator is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction that will enhance the recruitment, selection, training, supervision and recognition of NACA’s volunteers. Recommends initiatives, activities and materials to the Board of Directors to further develop the volunteer aspects of the Association’s work.

Specific Responsibilities

Works closely with all volunteers who have responsibility for recruiting, selection, training, supervising and recognizing volunteers within the Association, including all members of the NACA Volunteer Development Team.
Actively assists in the recruitment of volunteers for all roles within the Association, ensuring every effort is made to include volunteers from new member schools and underrepresented groups.
Through appropriate training and resource sharing, ensure that recruitment and selection processes are fair and consistent for all Association volunteer roles.
Works with Office staff to create and update resources for the development of Association volunteers, including the maintenance of the NACA Volunteer Manual.
Assure that identified volunteer strategies are applied on an association-wide level and integrated in association events.
Works with the Chair-elect and the Office staff to develop leadership training for all volunteers within the Association, with a goal that providing as many face-to-face training opportunities as fiscally possible.
Work with Assistant NVDC’s to suggest ideas for volunteer recruitment, selection, training, supervision and recognition to the Board of Directors on an on-going basis;
In coordination with the NACA Volunteer Development Team and NACA Office, regularly review, revise and/or develop volunteer position descriptions for all possible volunteer roles. A rotating schedule of review should allow for all positions to be audited at least every three years.
Follows NACA’s Non-Discrimination, Diversity Advancement and Affirmative Action Principles to recommend others to fill available positions in the NACA leadership and takes the necessary steps to achieve a diverse Association, both through the recruitment of volunteers and suggesting to the Board of Directors new or modified programs and services for the Association’s members.


Must be a full-time staff member at a current member institution; NACA membership must remain current throughout term of office. Must have approval from and support of their institution prior to the applying for the position (note: support is defined as financial as well as time of the office, etc.).

Association Support

Associate support will be determined by the NACA office.

Term of Service

Two years, with a third year option at the discretion of the Chair of the Board.
May 1st – April 30th

Supervision Received

The National Volunteer Development Coordinator will report to the Chair-elect of the BOD.

Supervision Exercised

The National Volunteer Development Coordinator will supervise the Assistant National Volunteer Development Coordinators, Regional Volunteer Development Coordinators, and the National Convention Volunteer Development Coordinator.

NACA Office Liaison

Coordinator of Volunteer Leadership Services