Volunteer with NACA - National Position Detail

National Volunteer Positions: General Member of the Research and Scholarship Group

Closed: Thursday, November 5, 2020 Closed


The members of the Research & Scholarship Group work as a team to advance the mission of RSG, which is to promote an awareness of effective practices in campus activities; to interpret information that can inform professional practice; to cultivate an appreciation for inquiry, scholarship, and data-driven decision-making; to articulate the contributions of campus activities to student success; and to position NACA as a recognized knowledge source for campus activities.

Specific Responsibilities

• Participate in regularly scheduled conference calls.
• Contribute to research and scholarship by participating in sub-committees and work groups to achieve key tasks of the group.
• Promote research and scholarship to the NACA membership.
• Participate in meetings and presentations at regional conferences and national conventions, as available.


• Members of RSG should represent a mix of mid-to-upper level practitioners, faculty who have come out of campus activities background or who currently have dual roles as academics and practitioners, and graduate students who have an interest in campus activities research.
• Members must have a repertoire of scholarly contributions to the field of campus activities (i.e., articles, research, national task force participation, conference presentations, collaborative work, etc.)
• Members should have a record of participating in collaborative efforts, with particular skill for moving from ideas to action.
• Members should have energy and passion for research and its applications for campus activities.

Association Support

The Research and Scholarship Group will receive support from the Director of Education and Research, who will do the following:
• Schedule conference calls and meetings for the group.
• Actively participate in meetings, being sure to communicate forthcoming strategic initiatives coming out of Education and Research at the national office.
• Communicate regional conference and convention needs and requests to appropriate volunteers and office staff (i.e., meeting rooms, education session slots, AV needs, etc.).

Term of Service

• Two year term
• May 1st – April 30th

Supervision Received

• The Chair of the R&S Group is responsible for providing supervision to all six general members. Additional supervision may be provided by the office and board liaison.

Supervision Exercised


NACA Office Liaison

Director of Education and Research