Volunteer with NACA - National Position Detail

National Volunteer Positions: Research and Scholarship Group Committee Chair

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The Chair of the Research & Scholarship Group will assume responsibilities for guiding the members of the Research and Scholarship Group in their efforts to advance the mission of RSG, which is to promote an awareness of effective practices in campus activities; to interpret information that can inform professional practice; to cultivate an appreciation for inquiry, scholarship, and data-driven decision-making; to articulate the contributions of campus activities to student success; and to position NACA as a recognized knowledge source for campus activities.

Specific Responsibilities

• Work with Director of Education and Research and the BOD Liaison to develop meeting agendas that advance the mission of RSG and NACA.
• Facilitate RSG meetings and conference calls.
• Work with the Director of Education and Research and the Coordinator of Volunteer Leadership Services to fill open volunteer positions for RSG within the guidelines established by the National Volunteer Development Team.
• Manage the work of the group by designating sub-committees and small work groups to achieve key tasks.
• Represent RSG at NACA events and meetings as available.


• The Chair of RSG must be a full-time professional staff member at an NACA member institution with a minimum of 5 to 7 years of experience at the director level or higher.
• This professional must also have experience with conducting research and/or authoring papers for peer-reviewed journals.
• In addition, the Chair must have approval and support from her/his institution prior to appointment to the position. (Note: Support is defined as financial support, support for time out of the office, etc.)
• If the Chair of RSG changes jobs during the position and wishes to continue in the position, her/his new institution must also be an NACA member school and her/his supervisor must provide a statement of support. The NACA Office and National Volunteer Development Coordinator must be informed of this change, and the letter of support must be received at the NACA Office within 30 days of hiring.

Association Support

The chair will receive support from the Director of Education and Research, who will do the following:
• Regularly communicate with the chair and BOD liaison to develop and plan meetings.
• Actively participate in meetings, being sure to communicate forthcoming strategic initiatives coming out of Education and Research at the national office.
• Communicate regional conference and convention needs and requests to appropriate volunteers and office staff (i.e., meeting rooms, education session slots, AV needs, etc.).
• Prepare minutes and other meeting materials and post in Higher Logic.
• Schedule meetings and post agendas.

Term of Service

• Two year term
• May 1st – April 30th
• Chair will shadow interim-chair upon being selected.

NACA Office Liaison

Director of Education and Research