Volunteer with NACA - Opportunities for Associate Members

​Volunteers are a valued part of what we do and how we do it and we strongly encourage NACA® Associate Members to get take advantage of a possibility that you will find both challenging and rewarding, as well as enjoy.

Associate Member Liaisons

Along with the NACA® Live team, each Regional Conference Program Committee includes two associate members who also serve on the Associate Advisory Group. These 14 volunteer positions are critical to helping our association address current issues and plan for the future.

“Volunteering for NACA gives you perspective - not only on NACA, but on ways to think differently and better about your business in the college market.”

– Michael Miller, Fun Enterprises

“The Associate Advisory Group is the voice of the associates and has the power to make a better experience at NACA for associates and all members of the association.”

– Nick Ferrucci, Westbound Events

“You have the chance to be a part of the forward thinking of the Association. You are a voice for your fellow associates and the association as a whole. Finally, you are able to build relationships with professional staff and students outside of doing business...instead building it as part of a team with a common goal! The time commitment of the Regional Associate position is small, but the personal fulfillment that comes from the position is Huge!”

– Denise Heitkamp, The College Agency

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Associate Advisory Group Facilitator

The Associate Advisory Group Facilitator is responsible for facilitation of regularly scheduled meetings and phone calls of the Group; providing input to the Board of Directors regarding issues and concerns from the Associate Member perspective and for providing input on policy issues to the NACA Office.

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Associate Advisory Group Member

The at large positions serve to enhance and expand the current knowledge base of the AAG. Regional volunteer participation will not be necessary to be an associate at-large member.

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