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We understand staff professional development dollars are being reduced on many campuses due to the pandemic, but we don’t want you to miss out on this incredible educational and networking opportunity. If you register 9 or more students for NACA® Virtual, you will receive one (1) free registration for a professional staff member to use. After you register your students, just send an email to let us know and we will help take care of the rest. Note, students and staff do not have to participate in the same NACA® Virtual conference to qualify, so feel free to split your delegation between the two conferences to maximize your NACA® Virtual experience.

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Rates are per person.

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You must register with a unique email address, which will be used to log into the Virtual Event Platform. The platform will not allow more than one log-in at a time with the same email address.

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NACA® Virtual: Oct. 2-4   NACA® Virtual: Oct. 9-11

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