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Undergraduate Student Positions: NACA Conferences Showcase Selection Committee

Application Deadline:

Region Date
Central Friday, June 30, 2023 Apply Now
Mid America Friday, June 30, 2023 Apply Now
Mid Atlantic Friday, June 30, 2023 Apply Now
Northeast Friday, June 30, 2023 Apply Now
South Friday, June 30, 2023 Apply Now
West Friday, June 30, 2023 Apply Now


Take an active role in determining who will appear on the NACA® conference showcase stage! Apply for a position on the Showcase Selection Committee, which is responsible for selecting the showcase acts. This volunteer opportunity is open to all NACA school members in all regions.

The Showcase Selection process involves reviewing audio/visual and printed material submitted by NACA associate members, and building showcases following discussion and deliberation. The committee is scheduled for three virtual calls.

Specific Responsibilities

- Reviews and votes on showcase submissions for NACA conferences in accordance with the NACA Showcase Selection process.
- Slates the appropriate number of diverse agencies, performers, and types of production, in accordance with the NACA Showcase Selection process.
- Remains anonymous to prevent any contact from Associate members, artists, and/or agencies.
- Additional responsibilities as assigned and agreed upon with volunteer supervisor and/or NACA office staff liaison.

Qualifications / Expectations

- Supports NACA programs through attendance whenever possible.
- Must be a representative (professional staff, graduate student, or undergraduate student) of a NACA member institution.
- Must not be a current or former employee or intern of a NACA associate member firm or agency, nor may they plan to be employed by or serve as an intern with an associate member firm or agency within the next year.
- Must maintain the confidentiality and anonymity of the committee membership throughout the selection process.
- Must have access to internet and webcam capabilities.
- Must be able to work independently and diligently to make the deadlines provided as the selection process is done remotely.
- Must be sensitive to the representation of the Association (i.e. school location, size and type of institution, gender, ethnic background, etc.).
- Must participate in the entire showcase selection process.
- Must have approval from and support of their institution (note: support is defined as financial as well as time out of the office, etc.).
- If the volunteer changes jobs during the position’s term, the new school must also be a NACA member and provide a statement of support. The NACA Coordinator of Volunteer Leadership Services must be informed of this change within two weeks and the new letter of support must be received at the NACA Office within 30 days of selection. If not a member school, the school must join as a member within 30 days of transition.
- Prior attendance at a conference is not required but is preferred.

Association Support

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Term of Service

The committee will meet via Zoom on Friday, July 21, Wednesday, July 26 & Thursday, July 27. Committee members must be able to make all scheduled calls throughout the week.

Tentative Schedule:
- Orientation: Friday, July 21 at 1pm ET/12pm CT/11am MT/10am PT
- Round 1 (reviewing all submitted videos): Friday, July 21 following orientation, to be completed by Wednesday, July 26 at 12pm ET/11am CT/10am MT/9am PT
- Round 2: Wednesday, July 26 at 1pm ET/12pm CT/11am MT/10am PT
- Round 3: Thursday, July 27 at 1pm ET/12pm CT/11am MT/10am PT &, to be completed by end of day

NACA Office Liaison

Experience & Events Director

Professional Competencies

  • Event Support
  • Networking & Business Relationships
  • Policy Knowledge, Development & Management