NACA® Summer Series - Programming Board Week

Programming Board Basics Week: June 28-30

2022_Summer_Series_SG.pngHow do you make an event an experience? How do you read a contract? How do you build business relationships? Let us train your programming board so you don’t have to. 

Program Details  & Registration

  • Dates: June 28-30
  • Time: 2-5:00 p.m. ET
  • Audience: Undergraduate Students and Professional Staff/Advisors
  • Registration Cost:
    • Member - $125 per individual
    • Non-Member - $315 per individual



Learning Outcomes  

STUDENTS who complete Programming Board Basics will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the various types of events
  • Demonstrate an understanding of programming basics including planning, budgeting, contract (reading and negotiation), and building business relationships
  • Implement programming best practices on campus

ADVISORS who complete Programming Board Basics will:

  • Identify best programming practices
  • Manage all aspects of programming basics including planning, budgeting, contract, and building business relationships
  • Articulate the connection between participation on a programming board and students’ personal and professional development

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