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Student Government- West

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Student Government West

July 14-17

University of Oregon

Audience: Students and Advisors

The NACA® Student Government West Institute is a leadership development program for student government representatives and professional advisors. Utilizing various current leadership development theories, the institute curriculum is developed to provide participants with strategies to best represent diverse groups of students and organizations. The hands-on curriculum is designed to focus on refining personal leadership skills, building professional experiences, and defining the role of student government. Workshops are identified with an experience level, ranging from basic to advanced, to help guide participants to the individual workshops that are most advantageous for their needs.

Delegates will:

  • Develop the leadership skills of themselves and their councils;
  • Enhance their knowledge of student government basics, including structures and procedures;
  • Learn practices to improve relationships with university officials and campus staff;
  • Discuss ways to create a desired impression of student government;
  • Exchange resource materials with other school delegates;
  • Build a network with other student government leaders and student government advisors; and
  • Discuss theories and best practices, as well as common experiences with other student government advisors.

*You must be 18 years old or older to participate

For more information on this institute, please contact:


Dionne Ellison


Allison Rodgers
Institute Coordinator