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Associate Volunteer Positions: Associate Advisory Group General Member

Closed: Friday, October 8, 2021 Closed


General Members collaborate with Association volunteers and the NACA Office to enhance the associate member experience.

Specific Responsibilities

• Serve as a liaison to one of the NACA Advisory Groups (Research and Scholarship Group, Educational Advisory Group, Live Event Action Group or Diversity Advisory Group), Regional Leadership Teams, or NACA Live Team as appointed, acting as a full member of those teams as appropriate.
• Works with the AAG to facilitate networking sessions with other associate members and/or school members.
• Assists with new associate member onboarding as needed, as well as general membership retention efforts.
• Identifies and creates educational resources, including presenting educational sessions or webinars as needed.
• Assures that the Association’s Mission and Vision are reflected in the associate member experience by helping create an inclusive, hospitable environment where all associates feel welcome and connected.
• Works with event committees to ensure that the business components of the conference are as successful as possible and to facilitate orientations and networking sessions where needed.
• Attends monthly AAG conference calls
• Attends and helps facilitate bi-monthly Associate Chat sessions.
• Serves as a resource for members and leadership at NACA events
• Maintains a thorough knowledge and understanding of, and ensures adherence to, NACA Policies and Procedures.
• Assures that NACA goals, initiatives and relevant strategic plan objectives are integrated with event initiatives and position responsibilities.
• Follows NACA’s Non-Discrimination, Diversity Advancement and Affirmative Action Principles to recommend others to fill available positions in the NACA leadership and takes the necessary steps to achieve a diverse Association both through the recruitment of volunteers and suggesting to the Board of Directors new or modified programs and services for the Association’s members.
• Communicates the Association’s mission and values to current and potential members to actively promote recruitment and retention.
• Additional responsibilities as assigned and agreed upon with volunteer supervisor and/or NACA office staff liaison.


• Supports NACA programs through attendance whenever possible.
• Must have worked with a National Associate company/firm or have been a self-represented National Associate Member for at least two years prior to their appointment. Must be national associate member in good standing with the Association. This membership must be maintained throughout their term. Must be a member at a NACA member institution/company.

Association Support

• NACA Connect
• Zoom
• NACA Google Drives

Term of Service

• Two-year terms
• May 1st – April 30th

NACA Office Liaison

• Associate Services Manager
• Experience and Events Director

Professional Competencies

  • Event Support
  • Networking & Business Relationships
  • Professional Development
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Relationship Development