NACA® Live Events - Partnership Opportunities

Gain great exposure for your business by becoming a conference partner! 

All partnership opportunities include the following benefits:

  • Partnership recognition on conference signage
  • Partnership recognition in full page ad in conference program.

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Region specific opportunities: NACA® South | NACA® Central | NACA® Mid Atlantic | NACA® Mid America | NACA® Northeast

All Regions

Item Description Approximate Cost
Delegate PensNo conference is complete without a signature pen! Pens may include sponsor logo. $6,000 or In-kind donation of product
Volunteer T-ShirtsSponsor t-shirts given to delegates that participate in onsite volunteer opportunities (Approximately 100/region) $500/region or In-kind donation of product
Professional Head ShotsSponsor professional headshots for the grad students and university staff inside the advisor lounge. Three hours of photo time preferred. $250/day
Advisor Lounge CateringSupport the school professional staff at the conferences by providing the Advisor Lounges with snacks and refreshments to help provide a relaxing escape and for our advisors.  $750/region
Geofilter For SnapchatSponsor a Snapchat Geofilter for all conference delegates to use while at the conference, in showcases, Marketplace, and while networking. The will be produced by the NACA Office Graphic Designer. $300/region
Couch For Best Seat In The HouseSponsor a couch to be placed front row-center in the Showcase hall for schools that donate to Foundation Fundraising throughout the conference.

$500/region or In-kind donation of product


NACA® South

Item Who Benefits? Quantity Description Approximate Cost
Final Block Booking RefreshmentsSchool Delegates Fuel the final Block Booking Meeting of the conference with pizza and soda for school delegates who are wrapping up their business. This sponsorship may be split between different associate members.$500
Block Booking IncentivesSchool Delegates5-10Gift cardsMinimum of $10 each
Professional HeadshotsProfessional Staff Sponsor professional headshots for all attendees. At least three hours of photo time during the first or second day of the conference is preferred. Individuals should be able to download their headshot in high resolution within 3 days after the conference ends with an emailed link.In-Kind donation
Graduate Student Case Study Competition PrizeSchool Delegates3-4Donate a prize for the Graduate Student Case Study Competition winners. Ideas include: an award certificate, a padfolio, business card holder, travel coffee mug and other professional gifts. Seeking three or four prize packs. (Case study groups will most like be up to four participants.) In-Kind Donation of Product
Balloon DecorationsSchool DelegatesVariesBalloon arches, decorations, etc. in the Convention Center and hotel. The balloons decorations cannot include helium. Depending on building regulations, some helium may be allowed and that will be confirmed when sponsor commits.$200 or In-Kind Donation
$100 NACA BucksSchool Delegates1$100 in NACA Bucks to be awarded to the institution with the most Block Booking forms completed. Can only be used for Registrations at NACA event$100
$250 NACA BucksSchools Delegates1A drawing will take place for all of the institutions that attend all of the Block Booking meetings and submits at least one form. Can only be used for Registrations at NACA event$250
$100 NACA BucksSchool Delegates1A drawing will take place for everybody who completes Marketplace BINGO. Marketplace BINGO encourages delegations to follow the guided pathway to conduct better business within the Marketplace. Can only be used for Registrations at NACA event$100

NACA® Central

Item Who Benefits? Quantity Description Approximate Cost
ButtonsSchool Delegates600Provide buttons to be handed out to attendees at the volunteer booth to help indicate if they are a NACA first-timer, support the conference theme, or are a university staff member.In-Kind Donation
Foundation Fundraiser Silent Auction ItemsAll DelegatesN/AHelp the region raise money for the NACA® Foundation by donating items to the silent auction that will take place in the Marketplace.In-Kind Donation
Balloon Arches/Decorations

All Delegates


N/AAmp up the ambiance with balloon decorations throughout the venue.In-Kind Donation
Delegate Water BottlesSchool Delegates350-400Encourage delegates to be sustainable during the conference and stay hydrated in order to stay healthy all day long.In-Kind Donation
Block Booking SnacksAll DelegatesN/ADon't let the Block Bookers get hangry! Encourage business during the final Block Booking meeting.In-Kind Donation
​DJ Services
​School Delegates
​Provide DJ services during two special events. A/V equipment is already provided, depending on the details of the sponsorship. One of the special events is the Student Luncheon, which features a swag fashion show, swag swap and foundation fundraising. The other is the Diversity Late-Night Event.
​In-Kind Donation

NACA® Mid Atlantic

Item Who Benefits? Quantity Description Approximate Cost
Buffalo-Related Squeezie/Stress BallSchool Delegates500Provide a Buffalo-themed stress ball/squeezie item for school delegates to relate to the "Fall Into Buffalo" theme.$1,500 or In-Kind Donation
Professional Development Lunch GiftSchool Delegates75Sponsor a gift for school staff members who attend the professional development lunch.$500 or In-Kind Donation
Waterfall Flashlight PenSchool Delegates500Sponsor waterfall flashlight pens to go with the "Fall Into Buffalo" theme and can be used throughout the conference.$1,700 or In-Kind Donation
Catering for Associate/Advisor LoungeAssociates and Advisors150Provide catering for the Advisor/Associate Lounge so that it can be stocked throughout the conference with refreshments.$1,000

NACA® Mid America

Item Who Benefits? Quantity Description Approximate Cost
Pizza Catering Final Block Booking MeetingSchool Delegatesn/aThe last Block Booking meeting can fluctuate in attendance because it is the final activity of the conference, and at this point many of the delegates have conducted a large portion of the business they are hoping to accomplish. In order to encourage participation and continued conversations at Block Booking, we would like to work with the convention center to offer pizza and light refreshments that will keep the business going!$400
Catering for student school swap socialSchool Delegates n/aStudents will enjoy a late-night event in which they will trade promotional items, ideas and best practices from their campus. Provide catering during this networking opportunity, which is a perfect opportunity to connect with undergraduate students serving in campus activities.$750
Themed signageAll Delegatesn/a
Serve as a sponsor for printed directional signs to assist participants in navigating the conference site. The "NACA Mid America: Telling Your Campus Story" will feature a magical theme with bright signage.$350 or In-Kind Donation
​Volunteer Gift
​Regional Conference Planning Committee
​Small gift for the members of the Mid America Regional conference Planning Committee
​In Kind Donation or Discount on purchase - deadline Aug. 20

NACA® Northeast

Item Who Benefits? Quantity Description Approximate Cost
Professional Development Luncheon Scholarships for Grad StudentsGraduate Students25Sponsor scholarships for up to 25 graduate students to attend the professional development luncheon.$1,000
Professional Development Breakfast SponsorshipProfessional Staff and Graduate Students60Sponsor the breakfast for delegates (about 50-60) attending the professional development breakfast session.$1,500
Small Gift for Educational Session PresentersEd Session Presenters75Donate a pen or similarly priced item with the conference logo imprint to all education session presenters as a token of appreciation.$200 or In-Kind Donation
Grad Connect GiftGraduate Students30Sponsor $10 gifts to be presented to all graduate students who participate in the Grad Connect Program. We will be looking to purchase gifts that are ideal for future professionals in the field of higher education and student affairs.$300 or In-Kind Donation
Grad Connect ButtonGraduate Students30Donate/sponsor Grad Connect buttons that will be given out to identify graduate student attendees.$50 or In-Kind Donation
Hotel Room SponsorshipProfessional Staff, Graduate Students, and Presenters2Provide two hotel rooms for presenters/speakers. By donating these rooms, you will aid in bringing two additional presenters/speakers in addition to the professional development luncheon speaker and expand the search for presenters beyond the New England area.$400
Business Networks Staff ApparelBusiness Networks staff, associate members, attendees12Provide fleece vests with full zip and imprint for the Business Networks staff so that they are easily identifiable by associate members and delegates.$400 or In-Kind Donation
Imprinted Social Media ButtonsAll Delegates750Supply imprinted buttons for all delegates to display their social media contacts. The buttons should incorporate the NACA® Northeast logo.$300 or In-Kind Donation
Social Media PrizesAll Delegates35Provide a variety of gift cards that can be used as prizes for social media contests to engage our delegates.$350 or In-Kind Donation
First-Time NACA Attendee ButtonsDelegates450Supply buttons for all first-time delegates.$150 or In-Kind Donation
NACA® Foundation Kickstarter DonationsAll DelegatesN/ADonate items for the annual NACA® Foundation Kickstarter fundraiser. Items may include: gift cards, autographed memorabilia, tickets to events or items that could be imprinted with the conference logo.In-Kind Donation
T-Shirts with NACA Logo to be resold to benefit NACA® FoundationAll Delegates100Donate T-shirts with the 2019 conference logo to be resold by the Student Projects Committee as fundraisers for the NACA® Foundation.$500 or In-Kind Donation
Buttons/Pins with 2019 Conference Logo to Benefit NACA® FoundationAll Delegates100Provide buttons or pins with the 2019 conference logo to be resold by the Student Projects Committee as fundraisers for the NACA® Foundation.$250 or In-Kind Donation
Silicone Phone Wallets with Conference Logo to Benefit NACA® FoundationAll Delegates100Provide silicone phone wallets or Pop Sockets with the 2019 conference logo to be resold by the Student Projects Committee as fundraisers for the NACA® Foundation.$500 or In-Kind Donation
Vinyl Stickers with Conference Logo to Benefit NACA® Foundation KickstarterAll Delegates100Donate vinyl stickers with the 2019 conference logo to be resold by the Student Projects Committee as fundraisers for the NACA® Foundation.$150 or In-Kind Donation
Temporary Tattoos or StampAll Delegates100Donate temporary tattoos or a customized stamp to be used as an incentive to encourage delegates to participate in student project initiatives, such as visiting Student Projects booth in the Marketplace.$150 or In-Kind Donation
Small NotebooksParticipants in School Swap100Provide each school participating in School Swap with two small notebooks. This year's swap will promote more of a Story Swap feel, where students will ask other schools their stories about the amazing programs and experiences they have on campus. Participants will be required to find five great ideas to bring to their campus, preserving notes about the programs in their notebooks. The more stories you collect will add to what items from other schools you'll be able to collect halfway through School Swap!$400 or In-Kind Donation
Diversity Initiatives ButtonsAll Delegates750-1000Donate diversity pins for delegates to wear throughout the conference. Pins will be available at the diversity booth and would include language that encourages support of social justice and diverse identities. Buttons can have phrases like "Black Lives Matter" or "LGBTQ+ Lives Matter" or "Remember the Natives."In-Kind Donation
RCPC Grad Intern Hotel SupportRCPC Grads4Sponsor the hotel accommodation for four graduate students who have volunteered with the RCPC to plan this year's regional conference.$3,000 (Four grads for four nights each)


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