NACA® National Leadership Symposium - Schedule

All times listed are ET. Topics & sessions are subject to change.

Monday, July 12

Time Topic/Session
12p - 12:30p
Institute Welcome, Introductions, Agenda
12:30p - 1:00pBrave Spaces & Community Building Activity
1:00p - 2:15pScholar Talks - How Our Positionality and Identity Impacts our Work
2:15p - 2:30pBreak
2:30p - 3:15pFamily Cluster Time
3:15p - 4:30pScholar Talks - Disrupting Normative and Traditional Views
4:30p - 5pProgram Redesign* Project Overview

*Work on Program Redesign project is on own time

Tuesday, July 13

Time Topic/Session
12p - 12:15pWelcome Back & Large Group Activity
12:15p - 12:45pReflections from Day 1
12:45p - 2pScholar Talks - Design Principles
2p - 2:15pBreak
2:15p - 3pFamily Cluster Time
3p - 4:15pScholar Talks - Curricula & Pedagogy
4:15p - 5pFamily Cluster Time

*Work on Program Redesign project is on own time

Wednesday, July 14

Time Topic/Session
12p - 12:30pReflections from Day 2 & Program Re-design Check-in
12:30p - 1:30pLarge Group Discussion: Positionality and Identity Reprise
1:30p - 2:30pScholar "Office Hours" & Finish work on Program Redesign project
2:30p - 2:45pBreak
2:45p - 3:30pNeighborhood Block Party!: Program Redesign Presentations (in small groups)
3:30p - 4:30pLarge Group Discussion: Making Changes Stick
4:30 - 5pWrap-up & Close

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