NACA® Near Me - Innovative Session Formats
“Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process.”  - Euripides
NACA Near Me

Interested NACA® Near Me host applicants are encouraged to think creatively to design a one-day experience that fosters networking and idea sharing, while also encouraging engaged learning and professional development. Below are a few innovative session format ideas to stimulate your creativity. 
Deep Dive – Format providing in-depth discussion on a topic relevant to campus activities typically in a lecture format with some form of audience interaction, such as Q&A session throughout or after presentation, small-group discussions, audience polls, etc.
Light Bulb – 20-minute format providing participants with information about a best practice or latest trend in some aspect of campus activities or student affairs, often combined with one or two other light-bulb sessions on similar topics.
Master Class – Format providing information about how to develop a particular skill and interactive exercises that allow participants to practice or further develop the skill.  
World of Ideas – Set up with distinct mini-presentations for topics such as best practices or unique events, this format encourages attendees to walk around the perimeter of the room as presenters share their ideas.  Attendees get a list of all the presentations beforehand so they can check off which to visit, and so they’ll know the contacts in case they want them after the event. 
Design Lab – After a problem is presented to the attendees in this format, participants are broken into small groups to answer specific questions that will help them design a solution to address the problem.  Later, the groups come back together and share their solutions.
Conversations of Consequence – This format provides a safe forum in which to debate and discuss areas of disagreement, confusion, strong emotion, current events and the impact of each of these on campus and student activities.  These are facilitated, large- or mid-size group discussions with no PowerPoints or specific takeaways planned in advance.  Good facilitation is key, as well as planting people to serve as conversation starters.
Table for Ten – Attendees in this format pre-select a presenter or planning team member to sit with at a table.  This person then hosts Q&A and attendees get 1-on-9 interaction.


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