NACA 24/7 - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to NACA®24/7?
Log into NACA® 24/7 using your current username and password. Don’t know your username or password? Email

Do I have to be a member to access NACA® 24/7?
Yes, NACA® 24/7 is a members-only benefit. Visit the membership page to learn more or email

Can I access NACA® 24/7 from a mobile device?
Yes, you can access the website on any mobile device.

How does NACA® 24/7 integrate with Block Booking?
Any member can access their Block Booking information by clicking the “Bookings” tab in the NACA® 24/7 Dashboard. The Block Booking process onsite has not changed within the NACA® 24/7 platform.

Are search options limited to performers only?
No! Members are able to search not only performing artists, but novelty companies, promotional items, middle agents, production services, and more through NACA® 24/7!

If I submit a “call for an act or service” will my contact information be shared?
No. All school member requests for acts/services are anonymous. The only school information shared with associate members is the state the where the requesting school is located. Only the school member can reveal their identity if they wish to contact the associate member directly.

Am I required to attend a NACA event in order to do business?
No! The primary benefit of NACA® 24/7 is that members can do business 24/7! If you are unable to attend a NACA event, you can still review artist/vendor information by searching our extensive directory of acts/services.

How am I able to keep track of a particular act/service I like?
Members are able to “favorite” acts that they are interested in by clicking the “Add to Favorites” button on any act profile page. By favoring an act/service, you can get real time updates on that acts performances near you or changes to their performance schedules.

How am I able to search for an act/service?
Acts can be searched through several options in NACA® 24/7. Acts can be search by their genres, diversity topics, pricing, location, description key words, availability, and more!