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What is Block Booking?

Block Booking is a facilitated process at live events, where 3 or more schools geographically close (typically 300 miles or less or within 4 hours) to one another work with you to find days and times when a particular artist or act can perform. Blocks cut down on travel costs for you as acts & services, and save schools money.  Everyone wins!

New in 2019! Even if schools cannot commit to a block, they must submit an interest form, at any level (even the non-committal level) while onsite to lock in conference pricing for an act.  You and the school then have 45 days post-conference to finalize that business!


  • 3 of 5 Block: When 3 schools geographically close commit to bring the same act within a 5 day span.
  • 5 of 7 Block:  When 5 schools geographically close commit to bring the same act within a 7 day span. 
  • Block Booker: One person from each school delegation (student delegate recommended) is selected to serve as the block booker. This is the person that makes requests and submits forms on behalf of their school, and will be your primary point of contact for business with that delegation while onsite.
  • Caucus: Occurs at the beginning of every meeting where schools can network and plan their blocks with one another.
  • Access Code/Conference Security: On the “Bookings” tab of your NACA® 24/7 Dashboard, you’ll see a function called “Conference Security.”  When this feature is checked “on” (default setting), a school will have to ask you for that security code before they can fill out an interest form. It is up to you and personal preference if you keep this feature on or turn it off!

Booking Interest & Commitment Levels
Schools may submit interest forms  to you through NACA® 24/7 for an act or service.  While onsite, these are coded in several different “levels” of interest.

Interest and Commitment Levels

  • SI – Strong Interest: This is the lowest level of interest. This level can be upgraded at any time, and is noncommittal. Can be a series of dates, but the range should not exceed a month. This is like a school saying “Hi, call me!”
  • SD – Single Date: The interest expressed is one particular date (vs. a range), but is still noncommittal. This level of interest can be upgraded to any other level. This is another method in which a school can say “hi, call me!”
  • CB – Contract If Block Is Formed: The school indicates its willingness to request a contract from the associate upon returning to their institution within 45 days of the conference, and fully intends to execute a contract if a block forms. This commitment is valid only if the school is part of a block.  This level cannot be downgraded once a block has formed.
  • CR – Contract Requested:  The highest level of block Booking. This is reserved for those who know what date they want and are willing to do whatever they need to in order to get it.  Contracts will not be given on site; they will be sent when the school delegates have returned to campus, but within 45 days following the conference. A CR means that the school fully intends to execute a contract, even if a block does not form, and should be treated as a booked date by both parties.
  • CP – Contracted Performance:  This level indicates a date that has already been contracted. This may be shows you previously booked with schools that are already contracted, or even private/non-NACA School event dates that are unavailable for the act/service to perform.  CPs help schools know when you are available.

How Will "Meetings" Work?
Onsite at live events, the Block Booking team facilitates a meeting for all schools and associates to formally facilitate this business!  We encourage the schools working with each other to seek you out if they need to verify dates or help schools figure out routing.  We will also formally "call" and announce all showcasing acts and other acts with active forms from that live event in the meeting; interested schools announce their interest and levels, and we all work together to form blocks and solidify bookings.

How Can I Prepare for Block Booking?

Make sure that your act profiles & rosters are complete in NACA® 24/7, and upload your act calendars prior to live events.  This helps schools find you in the NACA® 24/7 system, and generates better business for everyone.  In addition, join us at the Associate Block Booking Orientation, held on the first day of every live event, to learn the ins and outs of Block Booking from the experts!


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