NACA® Mid America - School Swap

School Swap is a designated time to showcase your events, publicity, promotional items and anything else your institution does well. Each participating delegation will have a table to display their items. NACA® Mid America has a twist on this. To make sure everyone is engaged, everyone will receive a BINGO or a NACA! Card upon entry. This is a time where your board can mingle with other boards and find out things about different marketing strategies and how other boards are run. If you have extra T-shirts, brochures, promo items or other fun things, be sure to bring those so you can swap and trade with other delegates.

Schools are encouraged to register to create a decorated booth based on your school so bring your tablecloths. The School Swap registration deadline is Oct. 17th, so be sure to complete the form as soon as possible. We will take walk ins but registration is preferred.

There are three on-site awards for which schools can register:

  • School Swap People's Choice Award – For participants that go above and beyond the incorporation of their school pride, have awesome school spirit, and share creative ideas. It is selected by a vote of delegates who participate in or attend School Swap.
  • Best Promotional Item – Awarded to the institution that has the most effective and creative promotional item. A table will be set up at the entrance of School Swap showing each school's best item. The winner is selected by a vote of the delegates who participate in or attend School Swap.
  • Best Seat in the House - The winner of this prize will need to make a NACA! Or BINGO on their card to then enter into a raffle. The cards will have different questions on them. Get each box signed by the school you asked that question too and form a NACA! The raffle winner will be awarded best seat in the house for the next showcase.

Winners of the first two awards will be announced during the Closing Banquet. The BINGO or NACA! Card winner will need to provide contact info in order to receive their prize for Best Seat in the House.

Deadline to Register:
Oct. 17th

School Swap Registration

Rules & Guidelines

  • Schools will be given 60 minutes to put their booths together (9:50 p.m.- 10:50 p.m). More information can be found on the registration form. Set up will be in Marriott Riverview
  • Someone from your delegation will need to be present at your display throughout the duration of School Swap. You are responsible for supplying all materials.
  • You will be provided only ONE table. You cannot move your table once it has been assigned. There is no guarantee an internet connection or power source will be available, so plan accordingly.
  • It is your responsibility to leave your table clean and empty when you depart. All leftover items will be discarded.

Tips for Success at School Swap:

  • Bring anything your programming board has left over from marketing campaigns, whether you have a booth or not. Pens, key chains, coffee mugs, and T-shirts—bring them all! Remember: if you want an item, you will need an item to trade.
  • Pack an extra bag or leave space in your suitcase for all of those T-shirts you're going to trade for!
  • Prepare a meeting spot with your delegation. Chances are you and your delegation will get separated in the beautiful chaos of School Swap.
  • Bring a pen or pencil to be able to mark your NACA! card.
  • Bring your phone or camera to help you remember all of these creative ideas you will see.

Even if your school doesn't choose to create a booth, you can still attend to participate in the exchange of ideas and networking. Have fun with your designs!

For more information, please contact:
Jake McGiles
NACA® Mid America School Swap Coordinator


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