NACA® Mid America - Important Dates


Doing productive business onsite at a NACA event can be overwhelming, but we're here to help make it easier for you and your delegation! Join members from the NACA National Block Booking Team, NACA® Live Team, and colleagues from around the Association to learn about how to best prepare for the newly reimagined changes to all things business at Live! Attendees will learn about specific in-depth changes to Block Booking, the Campus Activities Marketplace, and NACA 24/7. We will also hear from advisors who do some excellent work in preparing their delegations for the most productive business onsite. You will learn some tips and tricks from experienced business doers, and have the opportunity to ask questions!

Please note that this webinar is intended for NACA school members. Associate members are invited to join NACA for the February Associate Chat for information regarding business at NACA® Live.


Moderator: Joe Benyish, National Block Booking Coordinator, Salisbury University

NACA® Live updates presenters:
- Rigo Gutierrez, NACA Live Team, DePaul University
- Callie Clark, Assistant National Block Booking Coordinator, Clarke University
- Caroline Carter, Assistant National Block Booking Coordinator, Coker University

Preparation panelists:
- Rich Ramos, Associate Dean of Students, Simpson College
- Nellie Link, Associate Director, Student Engagement & Campus Programs
- Mary Mercer, Program Coordinator, Pittsburg State University
- Shandy Stomieroski, Assistant Director, Cascadia College