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Celebrating student organization success is a great way to round out any academic year. At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), we have been hosting Student Impact Awards for many years – each with varying success. In 2018-2019, we took some additional time to review the mission purpose of the event to ensure we were best celebrating our student’s success. We found ways to fold in additional features, recruit a more diverse nomination pool, and publicly celebrate all nominees. Join us to learn more about how we Leveled Up our student impact awards and hopefully brainstorm new ideas for your campus.


As Assistant Director of Student Involvement for Student Organizations for the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL), Melissa Griffith Phelps supports approximately 600 student organizations on two unique and diverse campuses. This includes student organization recognition efforts and revitalizing UNL's Student Impact Awards - the annual reception honoring the best of UNL's student organizations. Before jumping into the Big 10 world, Melissa served in various roles across residence life and student activities at small private institutions in the Midwest. She is a proud South Dakota State University Jackrabbit and enjoys reconnecting with her alma mater. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys cheering for the Huskers, Vikings, and the local USHL hockey team. Her days are spent with her husband, Preston, and their two dogs, Mara (6-month-old Aussie) and Luna (8-year-old Border Collie mix), having all sorts of adventures.