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The Tools and Resources You Need to Thrive
from the nation’s largest collegiate organization in campus activities.

Access the tools and resources you need to thrive when you join the nation’s largest collegiate organization in campus activities. Since 1960, NACA has provided programs and events designed to help professional staff and students promote learning through engagement in campus life.  With over 900 member schools, NACA membership means you have access to one of the largest campus activities networking and talent buying resources in the country.

Join today and take advantage of:


Institutes: Discover how to build better programs on your campus with one of NACA’s nine institutes. Offered in the spring and summer for 3-4 days each, students and professional staff can hone their skills in a variety of areas including student government, student organizations, concert management, basic programming and more.
Webinars: Hear from some of the most talented individuals in the field as they present their thoughts, strategies and experiences in our webinar series. Also participate in a hot topics discussion in real time.


ENCORE: The Exclusive NACA Collaborative Online Resource Engine (ENCORE) is a searchable database of programs and activities submitted by NACA members for NACA members.
NACA NEXT: Are your students ready for the workforce? This new tool enables students to assess their employability skills and how their involvement in campus activities contributes to these skills.
Advancing Research in Campus Activities Grants: Have an idea to advance the profession? Our research grants are designed to encourage the development and dissemination of knowledge that has the potential to improve the experiences of college students and campus engagement.
Scholarships: Stay in the know about NACA scholarships. The NACA® Foundation offers numerous scholarships to graduate students, undergraduate student leaders and professional staff.


NACA National Convention performance

NACA® Live: Enjoy members-only discounts when you attend NACA® Live, the largest campus entertainment marketplace in the country. Held in February, this high-profile, high-energy, four-day event offers networking opportunities with other professionals, students and associate members, plus:

  • Educational sessions - Stay up to date on professional and student leadership development, programming, multicultural education, campus organization dynamics and advising, and current trends in the field of campus activities.
  • Showcases - View more than 80 live performances ranging from music and comedy to lecture and novelty/interactive programs.
  • The Campus Activities Marketplace - After you see the talent on stage, meet member agents and artists face to face and facilitate campus bookings.

Regional Conferences: Your school’s region is unique. Connect with others in your vicinity at one of NACA’s seven regional conferences. Highlights include showcases, educational sessions, networking opportunities, CAMP and much more. Plus, you will also receive the members-only discount.  

NACA® 24/7: A new digital platform that gives you the power to communicate and do business directly with booking agencies and vendors on your terms and timeline. Search for performers and programming services, negotiate contracts and participate in Block Booking all in one place!

Block Booking: Stretch your programming dollars with NACA’s cooperative buying system, Block Booking. Member schools in close geographic proximity can book an act for a consecutive series of dates; providing the act the ability to consolidate travel and other costs. This means a reduced fee for the performance for everyone in the block.


Campus Activities Programming Campus Activities Programming® magazine: Our award-winning magazine helps you stay current on interests and issues in the campus marketplace industry. Published eight times a year, each issue features articles written by school and associate members.
NACA® Spotlight: Stay in the loop on opportunities and new trends with our weekly newsletter.
NACA® Connect: Share your successes and challenges with professionals from around the country in an online community.
National and Regional Leadership Opportunities: Develop and enhance your leadership skills by serving as a NACA volunteer. Opportunities are available for staff and students at the national and regional levels.
Online Membership Directory: Searching for a particular school? Trying to locate an agency or particular type of artist or act?  NACA’s online directory makes it easy to find what you need.
Recognition: Nominate a professional who’s made an extraordinary impact on the lives of others for a NACA® Achievement Award..
Career Opportunities: NACA partners with TPE (The Placement Exchange) to promote career opportunities available on your campus.

2020-21 School Membership Dues

Total Enrollment: Up to 500


Total Enrollment: 501-1,000


Total Enrollment: 1,001-5,000


Total Enrollment: 5,001-10,000


Total Enrollment: 10,001-15,000


Total Enrollment: 15,001-25,000


Total Enrollment: 25,001+


International Schools



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The NACA® membership year is May 1-April 30, regardless of join date.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, an institutional membership allows anyone and everyone on campus to freely access NACA benefits, such as Encore, or attend NACA events at the member rate.
Students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and/or professionals currently attending a four-year, two-year, community college or technical school.
Rates are based on your institution total enrollment. Total enrollment includes undergraduate students, graduate students, commuters, etc.
No, membership dues are non-refundable.
A transitional membership is available to a professional staff member who is no longer associated with a member school due to a recent transition in employment. Learn more by clicking here.
Ready to begin? The first step in the membership application process is to create your user profile and school profile. Once these steps have been completed, you will be directed to the membership application. Click here to get started!
We want you to keep in touch with NACA when you’ve accepted a new position elsewhere. Send us a note with your new information at
Block Booking is one of the most frequently enjoyed perks of any NACA membership. You must be a member institution to participate.
The Campus Activities Marketplace (CAMP) is NACA®’s exhibit hall/trade show. CAMP is the center of all business activity conducted during a conference. Face-to-face meetings between school buyers and firms selling the talent, products, or services take place at the various vendor booths at CAMP. University professional staff members and students visit booths to peruse press kits and product specifications, view video and listen to audio and to check availability of touring artists. There will be a wide diversity of talent and products on display in CAMP. The exhibit hall is only open during specific hours throughout the conferences. At those designated times when the exhibit hall is open your booth MUST be staffed. If purchasing a booth you must be able to attend all three days of the conference. A preliminary schedule is always posted on our website for you to plan accordingly.
Booths are the vendor spaces located in CAMP that display each exhibitor’s business information, products, services, and more. Each firm exhibiting at the event must maintain separate membership in NACA and must occupy separate booth space. Staffing for booths must be employees, artists or hospitality staff registered as delegates of the exhibiting firm. Staff must be present in the booth during the entire duration of all CAMPs. An exhibitor may advertise, display, exhibit, or sell only the talent, products or services of its company.

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Electricity is not provided in the exhibit fee and must be requested and paid for on the form provided to each exhibitor in the service kit which will be sent directly to you 6 weeks prior to the event.
You can bring promotional material and TVs, posters, buttons, and laptops in your booth. You may not sing or dance in your booth. If you are a singer it is better to bring a laptop and headphones and have students come in your booth and listen/watch. If you need to have additional equipment, a decorator kit is sent out in our weekly emails but also posted to the website. The following items/activities are not allowed in exhibiting booths:

  • Live performance that are not eligible to be considered booth demonstration are, but not limited to, live musical/vocal performance, juggling and/or hypnosis.
  • The use of a stage, riser or any type of elevation
  • Stickers
The booth fee and registration fee are separate. With the purchase of the booth you are required to purchase at least ONE full registration. Many associate members enjoy purchasing full conference registrations as it heightens their visibility and engagement with other delegates. Anyone else that will be staffing your booth can purchase a day pass. Day passes give you access to everything at the conference, but they do not include conference meals.

Video Tutorials

Have a question about managing your account or registering for an event? Check out these video tutorials for step by step instructions.

Updating Your Contact Roster
Updating Programming & Professional Responsibilities
Event Registration Tutorial

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