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By joining the association for performers, entertainers and companies wanting to get into the collegiate market, your company/agency has access to the largest collegiate experience network, reduce expenditures by benefiting from cooperative buying, and grow your network with college contacts and other companies/agencies.

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We Bring the College Market to You.

  • With over 900 member schools and 60 years of experience, NACA membership means you have access to one of the largest campus experience networks to use for lead generation.
  • For 2020-21, NACA will host 2 NACA® Virtual conferences in October 2020, NACA® Live virtually in February 2021, and the NACA® Northern Plains conference is currently slated to be in-person in April 2021. Typically, NACA hosts 7 regional conferences and a national convention, NACA®️ Live. These events allow for live entertainment showcases, educational offerings and exhibiting opportunities. Performing and networking in person with the talent buyers and decision makers of their campuses. Don't have a performing act? Don't worry. NACA events have multiple opportunities to increase brand visibility and awareness for your company/agency.
  • Want to know what's being talked about on today's college campuses? Join the weekly Coffee & Conversations series to engage with professional staff, associates, and students on a wide variety of topics.

Save Time. Save Money.

  • Save time and money for your company/agency through NACA's cooperative buying system, Block Booking. Member schools in close geographic proximity can book an act for a consecutive series of dates; providing the act the ability to consolidate travel and other costs.
  • The NACA® 24/7 online platform is where you can search the college member database for leads and showcase your acts/services. Include your bio, pricing information, videos, and links to your YouTube or Vimeo channel so colleges can see what you have to offer. This technology saves time, energy, and money finding colleges and engaging in contract negotiations.
  • NACA® 24/7 can also match your talent and services with schools seeking services/acts that fit their needs when they use the "Call for Acts and Services" feature. Making doing business easier and faster than ever before.

Access Multiple College Departments.

  • NACA's school membership is an institution-wide membership – so it covers multiple departments at each college which means access to more buyers in one place looking for your acts, services or products.
  • Other higher education associations may only apply to one specific student affairs department or role, limiting your exposure. Benefit from one annual NACA membership that supports your company/agency in reaching multiple departments on campuses that are responsible for programming and events.

Experience Community.

  • NACA fosters environments where everyone belongs and can thrive in their careers together through inclusive learning and meaningful connections.
  • Use the NACA Connect Community to share and have access to different resources available to all of our associate members as you build your business.
  • Attend an Associate Chat webinar every first and third Wednesday of the month. These chats serve as open forums and informative webinars to help you utilize your membership fully, build your professional network, and navigate the college market.
  • Interested in being published? Members can submit articles to be published in Campus Activities Programming® Magazine, the NACA Blog, and in the peer-reviewed Journal for Campus Activities Practice and Scholarship.

2020-21 Membership Dues

National Associate Members can join as a National Agency/Company or a National Single Act and exhibit and submit to showcase at all seven NACA® Regional Conferences, as well as NACA® Live. National Associate members also have access to our entire directory of member schools.

As a National Agency/Company you have the option to join as a Level 1, 2 or 3 depending on the preferred number of showcase caps. This category is designed for agencies that have multiple acts on their roster.

National Single Act is designed for solo/self-represented artists.

Regional Associate Members can join as a Regional Agency/Company or a Regional Single Act and have access to the directory of member schools within their region. Regional members can also exhibit and submit to showcase at their regional conference. Not sure which region you’re in? Check the regional map to find out.

2020-21 National Associate Membership Dues

Single Act

  • Submit your act for showcase consideration at all NACA events.
  • Must purchase a minimum of one booth per event, option to purchase additional.
  • Must purchase a minimum of one registration per event, option to purchase additional.

Level 1

  • Showcase cap (per event): 3 showcases, 1 alternate.
  • Must purchase a minimum of one booth per event, option to purchase additional.
  • Must purchase a minimum of one registration per event, option to purchase additional.

Level 2

  • Showcase cap (per event): 6 showcases, 3 alternates.
  • Must purchase a minimum of two booths per event, option to purchase additional.
  • Must purchase a minimum of two registrations per event, option to purchase additional.

Level 3

  • Showcase cap (per event): 9 showcases, 4 alternates.
  • Must purchase a minimum of three booths per event, option to purchase additional.
  • Must purchase a minimum of three registrations per event, option to purchase additional.

2020-21 Regional Associate Membership Dues


  • Access to the NACA conference for your region.
  • Access to the NACA member directory of schools in your region.
  • Submit any/all acts on your roster for showcase consideration at the NACA conference for your region.

Single Act

  • Access to the NACA conference for your region.
  • Access to the NACA member directory of schools in your region.
  • Submit your act for showcase consideration at the NACA conference for your region.

Want a Closer Look at NACA? 

Sign up for Discover NACA at one of our seven Regional Conferences. Held on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. during each conference, this two hour tour will enable you to get a better look at the Campus Activities Marketplace, check out a showcase and get your questions answered by current associate members.

For more information or to sign up, email

Please be aware that there are additional costs associated with showcasing and exhibiting at regional and national events. Visit our performing & exhibiting page for more details.

Riddle & Bloom is NACA’s exclusive marketing partner. As such, a non-compete agreement restricts NACA from extending membership to organizations and businesses that may be perceived as competitive with Riddle & Bloom's business interests. If you have a question as to whether or not you fall in this category, please email before applying.

The NACA® membership year is May 1-April 30, regardless of join date.
NACA reserves the right to deny membership to applicants that compete with the association's programs and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All membership questions or inquiries can be sent to
Associate members wishing to attend an event must purchase a booth space in the Campus Activities Marketplace in order to attend. Below are the fees as of Spring 2019:

Booth Fee (does not include registration) - $316
Registration Fee (at least one full registration per company is required) – varies by region

Optional Add-Ons *Additional fees may be charged by the facility for services such as electricity, water, internet etc.
Attraction Space - $3 per square foot
Booth demonstration fee - $245 (this is an interactive display of talent or product to event delegates in the Campus Activities Marketplace that normally cannot be offered in a showcase setting). Proof of insurance may be required based on the attraction/demonstration you are exhibiting. See guide for further details.
To perform at an NACA® event (or what we call showcasing) you must be a current member of NACA. We have deadlines on when you can submit for each region beginning each June. Showcase applicants must have paid the $99 application fee* and have purchased at least one booth ($316) for the regional event. If all of these things are not submitted your application will be ineligible for review.
Spotlight Low Showcases include acts that have prices of $1,250 or less. Isolated dates for Spotlight Low can be exclusive of travel, but block prices must include travel. These acts will be interspersed with Spotlight High acts, rather than showcasing together. Spotlight High encompasses all other pricing. Both types of showcases feature established and up-and-coming artists performing for 10 minutes each.
Low tech performances include:
  • Four or less inputs (either microphone or direct input)
  • No pianos
  • Minimal tech needs as defined by the Showcase Production Coordinator at your region
  • May be required to perform in the front of the curtain on the thrust
High tech performances are any acts that do not fit into the above description.
Showcasing acts are selected by a committee of students and professional staff for each regional conference and National Convention. The committee remains anonymous. Results will be posted on the NACA website, and you will receive an email directing you to the link on the website. If selected there are additional fees involved depending on what you were selected for. Fees range from $115-$500. Alternates are selected by the committee as well.
Alternates will be required to accept their selection by paying the applicable alternate fee. Additionally, alternates should be available for the duration of the event and may get called up at any time (before or during the conference). If an alternate moves up to a showcase, they will need to pay the full showcase fee prior to performing. Any alternates not selected to showcase will receive a refund of their fee.
The On-site Selected Showcase is reserved for new members who have never performed in the designated region. Artists or their representatives must register for this category at Associate Registration the first day of a conference. The act is select on-site by conference delegates, who will vote from the list of participating associates members who have pre-registered for this category. If chosen, you will have to pay the showcasing fee.
If you don’t get a showcase we still encourage members to attend the conference. Your purchased booth will be set up in the Campus Activities Marketplace, which is the exhibit hall. You will still be able to market and promote yourself to the schools and get your name out there. Plus, there is still an opportunity to win a showcase spot with On-site Selected Showcase.
If you still don’t want to attend the conference, you are eligible to receive a half price refund for the booth purchase up to 30 days prior to the start of the conference. All other fees are non-refundable.
Booths are the vendor spaces located in the Campus Activities Marketplace that display each exhibitor’s business information, products, services, and more. Each firm exhibiting at the event must maintain separate membership in NACA and must occupy separate booth space. Staffing for booths must be employees, artists or hospitality staff registered as delegates of the exhibiting firm. Staff must be present in the booth during the entire duration of all exhibit halls. An exhibitor may advertise, display, exhibit, or sell only the talent, products or services of its company.

Electricity is not provided in the exhibit fee and must be requested and paid for on the form provided to each exhibitor in the service kit which will be sent directly to you 6 weeks prior to the event.

Video Tutorials

Have a question about managing your account? Check out these video tutorials for step by step instructions.

Adding/Removing Acts & Office Contacts
Adding/Updating Company Info & Genres
Submitting Educational Program Proposals

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