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NACA® Internship Program

Interested in Hosting an Intern?

Host sites must be NACA members.

School members and associate members can log in with your NACA User I.D. and password. (Note: If you do not remember your password, click here.) Once you log in, complete the online application form. The deadline for submitting host application forms is January 8, 2020.

By agreeing to host an intern(s) at your campus or business, you agree to give your intern specific job responsibilities and expose your intern to as many departments and administrators as possible. We ask that you help them become more familiar with their field of interest. Internship start and end dates are flexible and can last up to 12 weeks. You can work the dates out with the intern you choose to hire.

Typically, internships begin mid-May and conclude in August. We do not require a minimum stipend for you to pay for housing, meals, and/or transportation to and from your organization, but we do ask you to assist in coordinating the intern’s housing and board. Please note that if you do offer a stipend and cover these expenses, this makes your position much more attractive to students.

Organizations wishing to host an intern must submit internship descriptions online. After the position application deadline, host organizations set up interviews with the candidates. While most will be held by phone, some may be conducted in person if both parties are able. In order to be fair to all candidates, host organizations cannot begin making offers until the specified date.

Critical Reminders for Host Employers:

  • Do not directly or indirectly make offers prior to Feb. 19, 2020 at 1 p.m. EST.
  • Give students up to 24 hours, if they request it, to make a decision regarding an offer.
  • Role model integrity for our candidates.
  • All internship offers and acceptance of offers must be made through the online system. This is critical so that the candidate pools and positions available are up to date for other candidates and hosts.
  • Hosts may continue reaching out to candidates to apply for open positions. Interviews and offers are ongoing until positions are filled.

Testimonials from Past Hosts


“Over the years of hosting NACA interns, we have grown our programming in a multitude of ways.  Our interns bring a breadth of new ideas to our campus and work diligently throughout the summer to grow our vendor relationships and gather student input for programs and events. Our work throughout the academic year would not be possible without the foundation and structure that our NACA interns provide throughout the summer months.  I have had great experiences with the NACA internship program and I highly recommend it to other institutions.”

- Mark Carbonara, Dominican University


“The Interns we had at NACA really helped to set our goals for the academic year.  They came to Hartwick with the willingness to collaborate with others, educate themselves and engage in the Hartwick experience.”

- Paul Habernig, Hartwick College


"The NACA interns have provided a spark of creativity and the innovative perspective to revamp our summer and fall programs. Bringing experience and insights from their graduate programs and assistantships, the interns have provided an outsider's perspective that has been helpful for program assessment and reviews.  Equally important has been the opportunity to help shape the professional education of the new professionals that come to work for our office and help prepare them to be effective practitioners in the field."

- Matther Vetter, Denison University

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