Contact - NACA Staff - By Department

Executive Director - Amber Shaverdi Huston, CAE

School Services

School Services Manager - Dionne Ellison
NACA® Connect, school membership inquiries

Meetings & Events/Associate Services

Experience and Events Director - Toire Vince
Site selection and research, event/vendor RFPs and contracts, conference and NACA® Live logistics/budget, Live Event Action Group, showcase opportunities, Block Booking, NACA® 24/7

Meetings & Experience Manager - Keli Wickersham
Conference logistics, exhibit hall management

Meetings & Events Coordinator - Karen Johnston
Event registrations, conference logistics, Institute logistics/RFPs/budgets, volunteer travel

Membership Development Manager Michael Hood
Membership inquiries, Ad contracts for Campus Activities Programming®, digital advertising, event programs, sponsorship opportunities, partnerships and associate member inquiries

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Development Manager – Kayla Brennan
Volunteer support, programs, recruitment and volunteer training management

Advertising & Sponsorships

Membership Development Manager Michael Hood
Ad contracts for Campus Activities Programming®, digital advertising, event programs, sponsorship opportunities

Marketing & Communications

Chief Operations Officer – Jameson Root, CAE
Brand management, event marketing, communications, publications, press inquiries

Graphic Designer - Jason Jeffers
Logo design, publication, layout/design, event signage, promotional pieces, photos/images, production

Online Marketing Manager - Wes Wikel
Website, social media, blogs/online forums, video production/multimedia

Education & Research

Director of Education & Research - Sarah M. Keeling, Ph.D.
Comprehensive program reviews, diversity initiatives, research grants, strategic plan initiatives, JCAPS, institute curriculum

Education & Development Manager - Kayla Brennan
Program evaluations, ENCORE digital library, featured speakers, webinars, podcasts, educational sessions, NACA® NEXT, leadership fellows, graduate interns, Student Organizations Institute 


Director of Finance & Administration – Brenda Baker
Office operations/coordination, finance, human resources

Finance & Operations Manager - Bill Ackmann

Finance & Accounting Coordinator – Angela Andrews
Accounts receivable

NACA® Foundation

Executive Director - Amber Shaverdi Huston, CAE

Meetings & Events Coordinator - Karen Johnston
Scholarship administration

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