Contact - NACA Staff - By Department

Executive DirectorToby Cummings
Executive AssistantEvette Williams


Director of Finance & OperationsBrenda Baker
Office operations/coordination, finance, human resources

Finance & Operations Manager - Bill Ackmann

Finance & Accounting CoordinatorAngela Andrews
Accounts receivable

Finance & Accounting CoordinatorJudy Bailey
Accounts payable

Volunteer Services

Coordinator of Volunteer Leadership ServicesLaura Jeffcoat
Regional and national volunteer support, volunteer programs and recruitment, volunteer training management

Membership Development

Director of Member Development & Services - Maureen Taylor
Membership retention and recruitment, meeting planning activities/management, event and on-site research

Associate Services

Associate Services Manager - Courtney Buzan
Event exhibit and CAMP (Campus Activities Marketplace) opportunities, showcase opportunities, Block Booking, sponsorships, associate member inquiries

Associate Services Coordinator - Ebonee Gadson
Block Booking resources and assistance, event exhibit and CAMP (Campus Activities Marketplace) booth assignments, showcase opportunities assistance, lecturers, bands, performing artist, college vendors, event registration cancellations/refunds, associate member inquiries

School Services

School Services Manager - Dionne Ellison
School institutes/RFPs/budgets, NACA® Connect, school membership inquiries

School Services Coordinator - Victoria Moulterie
School institutes assistance, on-site event registrations, on-site point of contact for volunteers/associates/schools, member/non-member registration, event registration cancellations/refunds, school membership inquires

Member Services Assistant - Logan Null
First point of contact for current and prospective members, membership support, school membership inquiries

Meetings & Events

Meetings/Events Manager - Toire Vince
Event/on-site contracts, event logistics, volunteer and staff travel/meals

Education & Research

Director of Education & Research - Telesia Davis
Professional institutes, internship program placement/coordination, organizational partnerships, diversity programs

Education & Development Coordinator - Kayla Brennan
Educational session submissions/process/review, presenter contracts, webinars, ENCORE (digital library), Foundation fundraising, Featured speaker selection, grad interns, scholarships, leadership fellows, assessment/evaluations

Marketing & Communications

Director of Marketing & Communications - Penny Delaney Cothran
Media relations, marketing and communications

Content Editor - Glenn Farr
Campus Activities Programming® content/coordination, e-newsletters

Graphic Designer - Jason Jeffers
Logo design, publication, layout/design, event signage, promotional pieces, photos/images, production
Online Marketing Manager - Wes Wikel
Website, social media, blogs/online forums, video production/multimedia

Advertising Sales Representative - Bill Spilman
Ad contracts for Campus Activities Programming®, digital advertising, regional conference programs, National Convention Program


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