NACA® National Convention - NACA® Foundation Trivia Tournament

Friday, February 15, 8:00 PM
    520 N Park Street
    Columbus, OH 43215

​Trivia nerds unite! It's time once again to show off your knowledge of random and/or useless factoids and reconnect with old friends and colleagues, all while raising money for the NACA® Foundation.

NACA Foundation Trivia Tournament


Three rounds of 10 questions will be asked by veteran Quizmaster Greg Diekroeger of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. There will also be a music question at the end of each round. Teams will write their answer on the Official NACA® Foundation Trivia Answer sheet and turn it in to the Trivia Hosts at the end of each round.

Point values for each round:
One = 1
Two = 2
Three = 3

A Picture Round will be played between rounds two and three. The point value for each correctly identified picture is one point.
In the case of a tie at the end of each round, as well as at the end of the final round, a tie-breaker question will determine the winner.

NACA Foundation Trivia Tournament

Entry Fee:

The fee to enter a team into the tournament is $125. Each team can include up to five people. Just want to have a beverage and watch? The general entrance fee for non-participants will be $10. All proceeds will benefit the NACA® Foundation. 

There will be a max of 16 teams.

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Rules of Play:
No use of cell phones EXCEPT for paid cheats
Do not call out any of the answers.
No collaborating with other teams.
Once an answer sheet has been turned in, teams may NOT change their answer.
The NACA® Foundation Trivia Hosts will have the final say in all circumstances during play.
Cheats Available for Purchase:

  • Use your phone: $7 (per use)
  • Ask a friend: $5 (per friend)
  NACA Foundation Trivia Tournament

Frequently Asked Questions:
What if my team disagrees with the answer to a particular question?
We make every effort to be 100% accurate, but sometimes we come up short in meeting this goal. Should you disagree with an answer, please discuss it with the Hosts between rounds and have documentation to support your claim. But keep in mind that the Hosts will have the final say in all circumstances during play.
What if we see another team cheating during the game?
All teams are honor-bound to follow the rules. You may want to remind the team that hasn’t paid for a cheat we’re all here to raise money for the NACA® Foundation.


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