NACA® National Convention - Sponsor #NACA18!

​The NACA® National Convention is a sight to behold. At first glance, you see college and university delegates moving as a group, wearing the same t-shirts, representing their schools while doing business on behalf of their programming boards. Scratch the surface and you’ll discover knowledge, leadership, scholarship and cutting-edge research, not to mention music, art, entertainment, spoken word and a little magic. Step into the Campus Activities Marketplace and you’ll be awed at the sights, sounds and smells of vendors who will astound you with their talents and wares. This is not your father’s exhibit hall. Next thing you know you’re jumping up in your chair at a Mainstage Showcase to applaud an amazing performance. Then all of a sudden you’re wiping away a tear as you listen to a lecture on social injustice. Finally, you’re in a Block Booking room rubbing elbows and connecting with people who do what you do on campuses just like yours in other parts of the country. It’s all in a day at the NACA® National Convention. If this sounds like a place you want to be at, in or in front of, then read on.

Why Sponsor NACA’s Flagship Event?
NACA’s true devotees have a life cycle that is unprecedented in student affairs. We see members first as undergraduate students, then graduate students, then as early professionals and advisors, and then as scholar practitioners and established professionals. NACA has been their home since 1960.

"We have been a part of NACA for over thirty years. It has become an integral part of our marketing to our college and university clients. Instead of viewing this as a membership we see it as a partnership. We don’t do this as a way to get our name out there or for top of mind awareness we do it because it is an opportunity to give back. Our support provides a richer conference experience for the delegates as well as providing resources for much needed scholarships. It also enables us to support many of the people who are our clients as well as being our friends."

Ken Abrahams
VP, Client Relations
FUN Enterprises

If building a brand with our movers and shakers is what you wish for your organization, then contact for a tailor-made sponsorship opportunity. Looking for a starting place for your imagination? Click the links below.

  • One of four (4) gift card raffle participants
  • Participants must visit the four (4) sponsor’s booths (collect sticker from sponsor and place on entry form, then place in bin) in order to be eligible to win prize: ($200 Amazon Gift Card, Amazon Echo, etc.)
  • More prominent booth placement
  • Verbally recognized from microphone during time of drawing
  • Exhibitor may connect with winner(s)
  • Attendee list before and after the Convention
  • Invitation to directly message specific delegates from within the NACA® App
  • Recognized as an overall Convention supporter at NACA® National Convention (sponsor board, program guide, web site, mobile app, sponsor ribbons)
Note: This sponsorship could be of value to existing NACA exhibitors who are already in the exhibit hall and wish to draw traffic to their booth and/or to obtain a more prominent booth location toward the show entrance.


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