NACA® National Convention - Pre-Convention Workshops

Diversity in Student Activities: Student Leaders’ Role in Inclusion

  Saturday, Feb. 16, 9:15am
   Room C162A
   $20 for members/$35 for non-members
Audience: Students

What is the role of student activities in promoting a positive climate for diversity on campus? How can we, as student leaders, foster inclusive excellence in both our programs and our organizations? This 4-hour training provides undergraduate students a hands-on opportunity to gain a greater understanding of inclusive practices in student activities. Participants will debunk myths about diversifying representation, dialogue on how to establish and maintain relationships across difference, and leave with tools for understanding how their own identities effect their leadership decisions.

Hosted by The Ohio State University’s Student Life SJE (Social Justice Engagement) team, we warmly invite you bring your creativity, open-mindedness, and ideas for new directions, as you join us in learning more about inclusive leadership.


Resilience by LeaderShape®


  Saturday, Feb. 16, 9:15am
   $35 for members/$50 for non-members
Audience: Professional Staff

Resiliency is a key attribute of today’s successful leaders. LeaderShape recognizes this. It is inevitable that in our daily lives, we will face challenges and struggles that cause stress - especially when we are in a leadership role. The ResilienceSM program has been designed to help individuals spend time thinking about how they can face adversity and come back stronger than before. This program is based on the latest medical research that has shown how people can “train” their brains to respond to stressful situations in a way that will improve their overall health and ultimately their enjoyment of life.

LeaderShape® is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating a just, caring, and thriving world where all lead with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible. LeaderShape® works to do this by having conversations that matter.

To grow this community, and achieve our mission, LeaderShape® offers three programs: Catalyst, the Institute, and Resilience. Each program encourages participants to live in possibility. We want to live in possibility and then by doing so lead others to do the same. In other lead, live. Our programs support people in their life pursuits and encourage them to make an impact by the way they live their lives.


A Science-Based Approach to Designing Live Events that Wow

  Saturday, Feb. 16, 1:00pm
   $35 for members/$50 for non-members
Audience: Students & Professional Staff

Creating and developing live experiences that wow takes more than the application of others best practices. Great design starts with a principles-based approach and a sound design process. How do you ensure the audiences you are staging events for have an amazing experience that is aligned with the event’s purpose and objectives? By applying experience design principles that are based on academia and neuroscience and a total program experience design process.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the phases of your audience’s live event journey and how to design a killer experience.
  • Experience journey-mapping and guest-centered design and how to apply it


  • Session will be an interactive hands-on workshop designed for participants to gain a clear understanding of how to design for the Maritz 8-phases of the event lifecycle.
  • The session will be scheduled for 2.5 hours. The first 30 minutes to be used to introduce the science and methodology behind Maritz’s leading-edge work in experience design.
  • From there we will introduce the 8 phases and discuss each phase – using the NACA National Convention as the subject we will explore opportunities to purposefully design the overall experience.
  • Ideally, the session will be limited to 50-60 participants broken into tables of 10. Each table will work as a team as we explore the 8-phases.
  • One or two members of the LEAG will join the session to provide a context on why we are focusing on the NACA National Convention and to support the ideation.

At the end of the session the representatives of the LEAG will gather the output from each team to review and adopt where applicable.


Navigating the Job Search

  Saturday, Feb. 16, 12:30pm
   $20 for members/$35 for non-members
Audience: Graduate Students

"I want to live on my friend's couch forever!" - Said no one. Ever. Become a well-prepared job seeker that stands out to potential employers so you get hired! This session will take an in-depth focus on the components of the job search (research, resume, cover letter, interviews, and more) as well as explore best practices and tips to successfully navigate the job search process. What value do you bring to a position? A department? A campus? Participants will better understand their differentiators and the value they bring to a potential job. Through a personal branding exercise, incorporating elements of design thinking, participants will determine what they want to be known for professionally. And finally, candidates will have a chance to develop and practice their elevator pitch to confidently articulate individual professional value.



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