NACA® National Convention - Professional Development Luncheon - Dr. Angus Johnston

Sunday, February 17
11:30 AM
Union Station C

Angus Johnston is a historian of American student activism.

As an undergraduate at Binghamton University, Angus was deeply involved in student government and student organizing on a local, state, and national level. He went on to receive his PhD from the City University of New York, and now teaches history at CUNY’s Hostos Community College.

Angus speaks and writes frequently on contemporary student activism, the history of the university, and the centrality of student organizing and student protest to the higher education project. He has been an invited speaker at events and conferences hosted by PEN America, Heterodox Academy, the Center for American Progress, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Intelligence Squared, among others, and on dozens of campuses in the United States and abroad. He has served as an advisor and mentor to a wide range of student activist organizations

Angus’ writing has appeared in publications ranging from the Chronicle of Higher Education to Rolling Stone, as well as in a number of scholarly journals and anthologies. He is currently at work on two books—a novel and a book of advice for student organizers.

He lives in New York City with his two children, and can be found on Twitter (more than is entirely healthy) at @studentactivism.


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